Love Food & Hate Waste with the UAE’s Revolutionary New Food Rescue App: FoodKarma


FoodKarma is the brand-new, disruptive digital food-rescuing platform that enables users to enjoy delicious meals at discounted prices, while doing their (little) bit to help save the planet.

What is FoodKarma?

FoodKarma isn’t just an app with a difference; it’s the app that makes a difference! A disruptive digital food-rescuing platform – FoodKarma partners with restaurants, cafés, outlets and vendors that have surplus food and connects them with karma-conscious foodies who want to rescue that food, enjoy delicious meals and do their (little) bit to help save the planet. Whether you want delivery, dine-in or pick-up, just download the FoodKarma app for free on your Apple or Android device from, to get ethical dining at your fingertips.

Well, then what’s it all about?

Karma is the idea that if you do good things, then good things will come back to you. That’s why FoodKarma’s mission is about more than simply providing a digital platform for users to rescue food; it’s about sparking a paradigm shift for the entire food and beverage industry – kickstarting a pioneering movement that promotes and facilitates sustainable and ethical food production, distribution and supply.


Ok, so what’s the issue?

Let’s look at the key stats! Globally, a third of food produced every year is wasted; that’s 1.3 billion tonnes! Basically, US $1 trillion worth of food is wasted or lost annually, which results in a carbon footprint of the equivalent of 3.3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. Now, do we have your attention? Ok then, let’s look at the issue locally. In the UAE alone, AED 13 billion worth of food is wasted or lost per year. That’s 3.27 million tonnes of food – a whopping 350kg per person, with up to 40% of good quality food from supermarkets and up to 32% from restaurants being discarded, instead of rescued.


Got it! So, what’s the solution?

By rescuing food and reducing the amount of surplus food that goes unused, we can take small yet sustainable steps towards saving the planet. Cutting down on food waste by just 15% would have the same impact on CO2 emissions as taking 150,000 cars off the road. With the FoodKarma app, the solution is at your fingertips – a disruptive digital nexus that connects you to restaurants, supermarkets and wholesalers with a whole lot of tasty, quality surplus food at discounted prices, which, in turn, gets you a whole lot of good karma. It’s simple really: FoodKarma is great for the planet, great for your appetite and great for your wallet.


Who’s behind it all?

Eugenie Dronneau is FoodKarma’s Founder/CEO and Mistress of Everything. With extensive experience across the F&B industry in Europe and the Middle East, Eugenie has long witnessed the growing issue of surplus food and subsequent waste. For the last two years, she has been developing the FoodKarma app. Her aim is to give eco-mindful consumers a way to rescue food, while enabling businesses in the region to become more sustainability-driven by cutting down on the amount of perfectly good food they throw away. Her vision is powered by tonnes of good karma and supported by a strong advisory board of Philip Dowsett, Georgie Woollams and Duncan Fraser-Smith.


Ready to join the FoodKarma revolution?

FoodKarma is more than an app; it’s a movement – a movement on a mission to make sure that food produced is food consumed. That way, everyone wins, and we all play a small but significant part in helping to solve the problem of food waste. So, what are you waiting for? Join the FoodKarma revolution! It couldn’t be easier:


  • Download the FoodKarma app for free from ae
  • Tell us where and what you want to eat
  • Find the food you want to eat
  • Build your karma rank based on the food you rescue
  • Choose from delivery, dine-in and pick-up options
  • Place your order on the app, and…
  • Voila! You have helped the planet



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