Three nationalities, three cities, three winners

Diversity prevailed in last week’s Emirates Loto draw

5  May 2020, Dubai: Two UAE residents and a visitor  from  Pakistan each  took AED 333,333 home  after matching five out of six numbers in last week’s draw and sharing the AED 1 million prize.

Claire Anthonette, a 33 year-old Filipina sales representative residing in Sharjah, was one of those winners. Married with a two year-old son, Claire asked her son to select the winning numbers for her via the Emirates Loto app, then watched the live draw in disbelief when her selected numbers were called out. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my son’s selection of numbers come out of the ball machine,” said Claire. “I was jumping around my living room for a good five minutes! I never win or indeed even enter any raffles, so this is all very surreal.”

With her cash winnings, Claire plans to return home to the Philippines after living in the UAE for nine years and start her own business.  Not forgetting others, Claire is intending to help out some UAE-based work colleagues who are financially in need and now that she is able to, she would also like to support an elderly lady back home who is unwell.

Fauzan Deshmukh, a 29 year old Indian sales representative was another big cash prize winner over the weekend, and he entered the draw online in Abu Dhabi by selecting his favourite numbers. Fauzan was unaware that he had won a share of the AED 1 million as he didn’t watch the draw; however, he was delighted to learn of the win when he was contacted by Emirates Loto. Based in UAE and married with two children, Fauzan plans to use his winnings to first clear all his debts and liabilities, and then to give the remaining money to a worthwhile cause.

Fauzan said: “I am still in shock, I just can’t believe my luck. When I was told over the phone that I had won, I nearly cried in disbelief. I am so thankful that I have been helped and I can’t wait to help others once I have made some arrangements.”

The third winner of AED 333,333 is a 66 year old women who has asked that her privacy be respected. Living in her native Pakistan, she was visiting her son in Ajman when her trip was unintentionally extended after all flights in and out of the UAE were cancelled. She wants to use the winnings to support her family, in particular her daughter who has four children and tragically lost her husband a few years ago.

“At Emirates Loto, we are in the business of changing lives,” said Paul Sebestyen, CEO. “We are thrilled that we were able to change the lives of these three winners, and are touched that they intend to carry their winnings forward to help others in need.  It’s heart-warming to listen to their stories, and we are thrilled that we are now part of those – and hopefully changing their lives for the better.”

With no jackpot winners for the third week running, this coming weekend’s rollover of AED 50 million will be available for anyone who matches six numbers out of six in the draw. The prize will remain at AED 50 million every week until at least one person wins the jackpot. The next Emirates Loto live draw will take place on Saturday, 9 May at 10.00PM.

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