Five designs to flaunt and flatter curves

Creating a great wardrobe is all about stocking it with quality clothes that fit. No matter what shape or size you are, there are a number of staple colours and designs that make any shape and measurements look good. Looking fabulous means dressing for your body type and drawing attention to areas that make you feel good about yourself, in any kind of clothing.

Are you having a fashion problem because you’re more on the curvy side? If you have this dilemma, worry no more. Experts at Max Fashion are here to offer tips on how to highlight your curves simply by finding the right kind of clothing:

  1. Most prints and patterns will look good on any shape and size, but be mindful that busier patterns and prints will make the bottom half look larger. Throw on a floral printed top with round neck and bishop sleeves starting at AED55 at Max Fashion with a pair of jeans.
  2. From professional to casual to special-occasion options, look for the right dress. A printed dress with V-neck and bishop sleeves highlights the waist and flows effortlessly from the hips, starting at AED85 at Max Fashion. Or why not go for a polka dot print midi wrap dress with three-quarter sleeves and ruffle detail starting at AED75, and create a focal point to a typically loose-fitting garment.
  3. Anything that accentuates a small waist is an accessory that should always be incorporated into the wardrobe. Belts and ties in dresses, pants or skirts are all flattering choices. Check out a plain maxi A-line skirt with belt and button detail starting at AED60 or textured mid-rise palazzo pants with belt and elasticized waistband starting at AED55 to bring out the best of your silhouette.
  4. High-waisted jeans look good on anyone. They fit more curvaceous figures and they minimize the waist and also hug your curves. A wallet-friendly solid pair of denim jeans with 4-pockets is only AED39 at Max Fashion.
  5. One of the common mistakes of curvy women is to hide their figures with loose clothing. Wear clothes that fit well so that your curves will show. It also helps to have a tailor that knows your exact measurements so that when you come to try clothes in store, they will fit perfectly. Max Fashion’s curvy range carries sizes up to XXL to ensure that there is something for everyone.

There’s something special about an outfit that’s meant to fit your unique body type.  Max Fashion’s curves collection focuses on value as well as comfort. Because without comfort, feeling confident doesn’t come so naturally – and everyone knows confidence is always the best thing you can wear.