Must-Have Products for Every Pet Parent

Dr Martin Wyness of British Veterinary Centre in Abu Dhabi stresses the importance of handwashing and surface hygiene to reduce the risk of infection for both pets and humans. The appearance of Covid-19 makes effective disinfection even more important.

“Covid-19 will be an ongoing battle and, along with physical distancing between humans, enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures will be central to efforts to defeat this new virus.  To help avoid a second wave of the current crisis, humans must observe distancing rules and maintain effective hygiene and cleaning routines,” said Dr Wyness.

However, when it comes to hygiene products, the list can seem endless. Here’s our list of must-have products that every pet parent’s shopping cart should include –

Hand Foam:  Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, government guidelines, medical experts and health organisations have advised that regularly washing hands with soap or using a foam sanitizer can prevent the spread of germs. F10’s hand foam is a fast-acting, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, which has been specifically designed for high level waterless hand decontamination.

Hand Gel: Gel sanitizers have been available for decades and most people seem to understand well how to use them now given the crisis. While many prefer foam over gel, some people believe that gels are easier to slide around the hands, in between fingers and around to the backs of the hands. Others believe that gels are easier to use around fingernails because the gel flows into the cuticles. F10’s hand gels, which comprise of high-level hand decontamination and alcohol for quick-drying are the best bet.

Concentrated Solution: As much as hand hygiene is important for pet parents, regularly cleaning the surfaces is equally important. F10’s Super Concentrate Solution is an excellent option. Active against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores F10SC provides high levels of biosecurity. It’s completely safe to use in the presence of animals when used at recommended concentrations (dilute for usage).

Ready to Use Solution: If you’re busy with your daily chores and don’t find time to dilute and mix products, F10’s “ready to use” solutions are a perfect fit for decontamination of intact skin and disinfection of hard surfaces. They are effective against bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses and can quickly disinfect your surfaces.F10 also has a residual effect, meaning the capacity to disinfect is maintained for periods after the product has been applied.

The F10 range includes surface hygiene and infection control plus topical skin  products designed to keep both animals and veterinary practitioners safe from diseases. F10 products in the UAE are available through Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers. Officially selected as the exclusive stockist (supplier) of F10 products in Dubai, Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers is the name you can trust for authentic F10 veterinary products.