Dubai, UAE, 21st June 2020 – Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), a free economic zone set up to meet the demand for high-quality healthcare, has adopted a simple yet effective energy-conservation initiative with the help of Sharaf DG Energy. In just 30 days, the renowned Dubai-based solar energy and lighting company retrofitted DHCC’s entire parking area.

The scope of the project provided a smart car parking solution across all DHCC blocks, which now manages the entire supply, installation and maintenance of high-quality LED energy saving lighting solutions. The outcome of the development has been tremendous and has significantly reduced DHCC’s electricity consumption by 1,237,745 kWh (equivalent to AED 550,000 annual savings).

Sanjay Dabur, Vice-President of Strategic Business, Sharaf DG, said: “We are delighted with the result of this initiative. Not only have we surpassed client expectations, but we have exceeded the proposed energy savings by delivering a 30% extra on savings after just one year of operation.”

“This project not only positions DHCC as a technology-driven brand, but also prevents unnecessary energy wastage. DHCC’s annual savings are the equivalent to offsetting 875 metric tons of harmful CO2 emissions, and planting over 14,000 trees. Thus, as a collective, we are saving the planet.”

The scheme is based on retrofitting, a measure taken to replace redundant light fittings and accessories with new energy saving LED lights. Retrofitting drastically reduces electricity yet remains extremely ecologically-sound as it does not contain any toxic compounds or elements such as mercury.

Additionally, LED lighting is an efficient process that converts 80-90% of energy to light rather than heat. It lasts up to 100,000 hours, providing a cleaner and greener tomorrow. The lighting can also be controlled to provide the perfect color, shade, and brightness due to its flexible application. Therefore, DHCC is able to uplift and energize the moods of their patients and customers.

As the repercussions of the pandemic continue to create a global stir, the UAE corporate community have been vigorously looking at ways to offset the impact. This can be achieved by two means only, bringing in new business opportunities or effectively managing the company’s operational expenses.

Sharaf DG Energy can assist organizations’ by providing clean energy solutions that will help reduce operational expenses and enable them to survive and thrive.