Oh my quad! Max just dropped a fresh activewear collection

One thing that motivates you to work out is activewear that looks good and feels even better. Max has launched its new Max Active collection just in time for summer, and it is perfect for women who want to work out in the comforts of home or even a quick session outdoors. Athletic jackets, sports bras, leggings, shorts, crop tops, mesh sweaters and sport accessories in a range of colours and prints.

The Max Active collection inspires fitness fanatics or even simply style-conscious shoppers to test their boundaries and keep working towards peak fitness. Prioritizing comfort and style, the range supports every stage of the fitness journey whilst ensuring the look is on point – all at unbeatable prices starting at only AED 35.

Ankur Srivastava, Head of Design at Max, said: “We have seen activewear is increasingly the preference of clothing at home, shopping, a stroll in the park or even a visit to the super market. The new Max Active collection centers on the specific needs of today’s ready-to-move generation and is designed to be comfortable, create a fashion statement and to be suitable for a range of high intensity physical workouts.”

Activewear has become a staple in today’s wardrobe – not simply because we work out more, but because we are embracing a more casual and flexible way of dressing. Max Fashion’s new collection can elevate athleisure style by offering mix-and-match choices with classic stretchy fabrics and on-trend mesh.

Max Active promotes a high-energy lifestyle – pair a textured t-shirt with print jogger pants or leggings with a sleeveless vest and you are good to go. The range also includes matching seamless sports bras and ankle length leggings in both colourful and monochromatic palettes, mesh t-shirts and solid leggings with mesh detail. The collection offers a variety of sports bras with features elasticized straps, ribbed hemlines and medium a support racerback which makes them supremely comfortable and chic.

Shoes are always an important accessory but even more so when you’re rocking a sporty ensemble. Check out Max Fashion’s new sneakers with breathable lining and memory foam to keep your kicks in vibe to the rest of your look.

Ready to break a sweat? Bust a ceiling? Crush your to-do list? Let’s do it with Max Active. To browse and shop activewear, visit www.maxfashion.com