An Emirati citizen supports the return of tourism by drawing on 3 “Mini Cooper 2021” cars

  • Tourism sector in the UAE will recover rapidly with the resumption of activities

  • Dubai tourism will not let us down to make up for the losses of the past months

  • Responsible driving measures contribute to the rapid recovery of the UAE economy

  • Car rental activity is back into resumption

  • Companies go for car rental instead of buying to reduce cost

Dubai, UAE, Sunday Jul. 5th 2020:

Amid strong efforts to boost tourism in Dubai after the resumption of activities and the adoption of the private sector of the UAE initiatives to revive the economy, Emirati entrepreneur Mohamed Al-Marzouqi CEO of “RPM” for rental car, announced an initiative to promote the economy of the United Arab Emirates national tourism with the resumption of economic activities after interruption due to the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

Al-Marzouqi said that the initiative includes prizes offered by “RPM” for car rental, which are three “Mini Cooper” cars model 2021, that will be drawn every two months, meaning that the draw will continue over a period of 6 months.

He explained that the competition for the three cars requires the customer obtain a coupon after spending 350 dirhams in “RPM” company provided that the coupon participates in the three draws that will be organized in a neutral and transparent way.

After the resumption of activities, Al-Marzouqi expects that tourism in Dubai and UAE as well as sectors benefiting from car rental services will strongly recover. This will give investors a great opportunity to compensate for the losses of the global pandemic.

He added: “Dubai is regaining its glory and charm after reopening and welcoming lovers of swimming, recreation and meditation again in the context of the gradual return to normal life with implementing all precautionary measures following the instructions and guidelines of social distancing”.

Al-Marzouqi praised the efforts of the wise leadership in the UAE and the role of prudent measures that were adopted to accelerate the pace of economic recovery in record time.

He continued: “There was a great risk in buying cars with tens of millions, but Dubai tourism will not fail us … Companies also benefited from the facilities provided by the state in terms of postponing the obligations with the banks besides facilitating the procedures and postponing collection of charges”.

He stressed that there is an optimism about the economic recovery of the emirate, which is regaining activities under the slogan (We are all responsible), which places a great responsibility on all residents to adhere to the precautionary measures and the rules of social distancing to avoid any possibility of a second outbreak of the Corona virus.

Al-Marzouqi said that the expected recovery in Dubai will pass through major stages that include the smooth transition phase after the reopening and the gradual improvement of economic growth, in addition to the fact that the country is anticipating next year a significant progress in tourism and the accompanying recovery of car rental activity with the launching of Dubai Expo 2021.

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