Get the Perfect Soundtrack For You and Yours With Spotify’s New Duo Love Songs Experience


Ever thought about what your relationship would sound like if it was a song? Or how it would look as an album cover? Is it a Shereen vibe? Or more of a Hussain Al Jassmi thing? More like Ed Sheeran or Maren Morris?


Enter the all-new Duo Love Songs from Spotify – a shareable experience to help you and yours create the perfect couples soundtrack. With Duo Love Songs, you can generate a just-for-two playlist and create cover art inspired by your relationship. Duo Love Songs is available for any Spotify user and is just one way we’re celebrating the global launch of Spotify’s new two-person, 25.99 AED month subscription plan, Spotify Premium Duo.


Spotify spoke with Alan Cowen, postdoctoral researcher in computational neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley to get his take on how music impacts relationships:

“Music has the ability to be deeply intertwined in our memories and add more color to special events in our lives. Creating a playlist and sharing it with your partner can trigger a sense of nostalgia, like looking back on an anniversary or your wedding day, and connect us to the very emotions we felt during those special times,” he noted.


Check it out HERE and start streaming.


And while you’re at it be sure to check out Spotify Premium Duo – the new Spotify subscription plan developed specifically for two people. Premium Duo comes with two individual Premium accounts plus Duo Mix, a regularly updated playlist made just for the pair to keep discovering music they both enjoy.