Oasis Launches New Consumer Home Products and Services


Oasis Water holds over 30% market share


  • As an extension to its home delivery service, Oasis Direct, Oasis is launching a mobile app and an ordering service through WhatsApp
  • Two new products – a 5 Litre and a 5 Gallon Zero – are being added to Oasis’ portfolio


Dubai, UAE (August 16, 2020): Oasis, a leading water brand from UAE-based F&B organisation, National Food Products Company (NFPC), has launched the Oasis Direct App and a WhatsApp service under its home delivery service banner, Oasis Direct (https://oasisdirect.ae/en). This move comes in response to a rise in demand for quick, convenient, and contactless home deliveries.

The Oasis Direct App, available in the App Store and the Google Play Store, brings users the same quick and flexible service currently available on the Oasis Direct home delivery website, except with easier accessibility. Consumers can now order, schedule delivery, and pay online through Oasis Wallet (reloadable online credit), as well as track their delivery status to keep updated all through one portal, with only a few taps.


On the app, consumers will have access to a wide range of products available on the Oasis Direct website under the NFPC brand portfolio like Lacnor, Laban Up, Melco, and Blu which offer dairy, juices, regular and sparkling water, respectively. The Oasis water products available come in a variety of sizes (200ml, 330ml, 500ml, 1.5 Litre, 1 Gallon, 4 Gallon, 5 Gallon) and include the 330ml Oasis Boxed Water in Tetra Pak.

The WhatsApp service is an extension of the Oasis Direct service. It is automated and can be accessed by saving the brand’s customer care line number, 600 522 261, into Contacts. Users will be met with a pre-loaded menu featuring specific prompts to guide the ordering process. On the platform, consumers will be able to refill water orders, top-up their Oasis Wallet, update their address, peruse available promotions on the Oasis Direct platform across the entire product range, and share feedback.


Along with the two services, Oasis is also introducing two new products. These include a 5 Litre PET bottle and the 5 Gallon Zero – a sodium-free option – for home and office consumption. These products can also be bought through any of the Oasis Direct home delivery options.


Tariq Aziz, Group Commercial Director at NFPC, said: “Launching the Oasis Direct app and a dedicated WhatsApp service is a natural progression in our commitment to providing consumers with easier accessibility to our wide portfolio of water, dairy, and juices products. It is an especially important step during these times when contactless and quick deliveries are in demand and even necessary to easing customers’ minds. These developments, in addition to our new product launches, show NFPC’s continuous commitment to answering the lifestyle needs of our consumers.”


Oasis was the first water brand to deliver 5G bottles to the domestic market and currently holds over 30% market share of the AED 550m in the Bulk Water Delivery Market. For more information about Oasis products, visit their website, https://ouroasis.com or find them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ouroasisuae) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ouroasisuae/).



About National Food Products Company (NFPC):


NFPC (National Food Products Company) was founded in 1971 with the establishment of a dairy production facility in the middle of the Arabian Desert. Today, the UAE-based company is a multi-million-dollar organisation. NFPC’s products are consumed by more than half of the total population in the United Arab Emirates every single day. In addition, the company exports to over 40 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, with the focus on GCC and LEVANT. Today, NFPC is one of the region’s largest employers with a staff of more than 4,500 in locations across the UAE and the region. Brands under the NFPC umbrella include, Lacnor, Oasis, Blu, Royal Bakers, Gulf & Safa, Milco, and Melco.