Technology Meets Art with HONOR MagicWatch 2

HONOR Partners with Celebrated Artists to Create New Designs for Intelligent Wearable

DUBAI, UAE AUGUST 24 –Global technology brand HONOR is immersing fashion and art with its latest collaboration for the HONOR MagicWatch 2. As a wearable device known for its innovative features and intelligent design the MagicWatch 2 now has something for the fashion-conscious consumer. With illustrative and graphic designs from some of the most talented creatives in the industry, HONOR is upscaling its offering to provide a stylish timepiece for any occasion.

Artists include Jacky Tsai, George Greaves, Wang DongLing and Giovanni Ozzola who have shared their fashion-forward design philosophy and the inspiration behind the design of the innovative new timepiece.

The partnership consists of new straps and matching watch faces for a seamless all-around look for everyday fashionwear. Users can customize their watch face in the gallery feature on their smartphone or smartwatch by simply searching “Artist Collection” in the search bar.

HONOR x George Greaves: A Touch of Exotic with “The Palm Tree”

Known for his bold graphic prints and with an eye for the unusual, Bristol-based illustrator George Greaves is a master in dreamlike, archetypal imagery. Inspired by nature, the unisex palm tree design combines geometric elements with a muted color palette, evoking a sense of majestic landscapes and far-flung adventures. George liked the idea of creating a timeless scene on a time telling device and “The Palm Tree” perfectly embodies this.

HONOR x Wang DongLing: Reinterpreting Historical Calligraphy with “Cheng Hao, ‘Autumn Moon’, Entangled Script”

Wang Dongling is widely recognized as China’s greatest living calligrapher and is known for his large abstract works that he calls “calligraphic paintings.” Bringing together poetry and painting, Dongling creates his work through performances where he translates the text of ancient Chinese verses into gestural interpretations of traditional characters. In his limited-edition design for the HONOR MagicWatch 2, Wang incorporates elements of his signature experimental calligraphic style, with powerful brush-and-ink strokes using deep olive green hues. 

HONOR x Jacky Tsai: An Innovative Fusion of Pop Art and Chinese Craftmanship with “Floral Horse” and “Shanghai Tang Café”



Jacky Tsai, one of the world’s leading contemporary pop artists, created two limited edition designs for the HONOR MagicWatch 2. Based in London, the Chinese artist is known for his vibrant style and inventive approach to design which fuses traditional eastern artistic techniques and imagery with western Pop Art. With two eye-catching limited-edition designs, named “Floral Horse” and “Shanghai Tang Café” respectively, Jacky fuses elements of pop art with iconic eastern influences using splashes of colour across the watch faces and straps.

HONOR x Giovanni Ozzola: Experimenting with light, photography and sculpture in “One Day”, Old Walls” and “Ficus”


Originating from Florence, Giovanni is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in photography, as well as video and sculptural installation. His artworks have been exhibited internationally in numerous public and private institutions, including Fosun Foundation in Shanghai, 313 Art Project in Seoul, District 6 Museum in Cape Town, Tate Modern in London and many more.

Giovanni’s three designs for the HONOR MagicWatch 2 evoke a sense of discovery. “One Day” blends graffiti with a sunrise scene to express both the frantic and the quiet, natural moments in life.

In “Old Walls”, Giovanni reflects on mankind’s compulsion to tell stories by using an artistic technique called detachment where he preserves sections of old wall paintings. Giovanni is interested in exploring how people can tell stories and preserve legacies and experiences through tracks on the walls.

“Ficus” is an exploration of space and light. Giovanni captures the leaves in different lighting conditions, adding depth and dimension to the final design.

HONOR x Zhou Li: Creating movement and rhythm with dynamic lines and brunch strokes with the “The Peach Garden-Pink – Lines NO.3”

Known for her oriental aesthetic and acute sensory observations of the world, Zhou Li is one of the most influential female artists in China. Zhou creates paintings, sculptures, installations and public arts using multiple mediums including oil painting, ink, charcoal and cotton textiles. Drawing upon the time she spent in both China and France, Zhou’s work is influenced by European painting as well as the central tenets of traditional Chinese art, harnessing both styles to develop her signature painting style.

In her limited-edition designs for the HONOR MagicWatch 2 “The Peach Garden-Pink – Lines NO.3”, Zhou combines dynamic lines and brush strokes to represent flowing energy, adding a moving and vigorous look to the surface of the artwork.


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