August 2020

Trusting What You Eat Comes Naturally with Earth Goods

Living a gluten-free lifestyle, especially for those who suffer from gluten intolerance, should not be strenuous. While many food brands offer either gluten-free or organic options, there are very few that offer both.


Earth Goods makes choosing healthier produce much easier with its range of products that are not only gluten-free, but also free from GMO, pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals. And what’s more; there are no added sugars.


Habits, once acquired, are challenging to give up. We all have harmful ones, that we add to every new year’s resolution in an attempt to improve our lives, such as quitting smoking or limiting coffee intake. In other cases, some people find themselves with no choice, often due to a medical condition like diabetes, allergies and intolerance, needing to be treated through a dietary solution.


The experts at Earth Goods share tips and tricks from people diagnosed with different levels of gluten intolerance, including Celiac disease, to help you on your journey to a healthy, aware and responsible dietary choice.


  1. Have your own Food Diary

If you don’t have severe symptoms or you aren’t able to do the intolerance tests, you can listen to your own body and identify what’s good for it and what’s not. Just like writing your journal every day, have a small notebook to write down what you are eating on a daily basis. Track your symptoms and the common ingredients in your diet that are causing them. Afterwards, start replacing them with other ingredients gradually and feel the difference!


  1. Seek the help of a professional

If your symptoms are mild, you can always visit a nutritionist to have the intolerance tests done. Otherwise, you might be at risk of making your condition worse. If your symptoms are severe, take the advice of a gastroenterologist for a faster diagnosis as some cases need immediate medical intervention.


  1. Check the web for plenty of delicious recipes

The internet is full of healthy recipes, ingredient replacement suggestions as well as informative, inspiring blogs. Check out the mindful recipes section to make sure you never run out of ideas.


  1. Prepare your own meals

Nothing feels better than eating the food you prepared yourself. Especially for intolerant people, homemade is easier, cheaper and tastier.


  1. Challenge yourself at transforming any food to “gluten-free”

Who said healthy is boring? Have fun in the kitchen and challenge yourself to transform any recipe you like into gluten-free. Here are some quick suggestions to satisfy your cravings and keep your tummy happy:

  • For your breakfast, instead of your usual toast, energize your morning with Earth Goods Gluten-free Granola or Muesli with your preferred yogurt or milk.
  • Anywhere you’d use couscous/moghrabieh or pasta, substitute with Earth Goods green, brown or red lentils as well as rice that are all naturally gluten-free.
  • Don’t miss out on desserts just because you have an intolerance. Add some of our gluten-free rolled oats (instead of flour) to a mashed banana and bake them for heavenly cookies. You can also add to this easy recipe chocolate chips, dried fruits or any Earth Goods seeds of your choice.


Earth Goods is an all-natural and organic health food brand that continues to empower and inspire people living in the UAE, by going the extra mile to help achieve a more mindful and responsible way of eating. Proudly handpicking ingredients to form a range of products all free from GMOs, preservatives, chemicals, processed foods, added sugar and additives, Earth Goods’ mission is to inspire people to live more mindfully and eat more healthily resulting in a better way of thinking, feeling and acting.


Earth Goods is more than just your average health food brand. With a team of experts sourcing their ingredients from the best places they naturally grow in; every ingredient is hand selected from premium harvests ensuring the highest nutritional products from over 20 countries worldwide. Earth Goods products are on a mission to inspire you to prepare a healthy and delicious breakfast to immunize your body and build resilience while getting it ready to burn the day’s calories.


Earth Goods Granola Fruit Mix (AED 40)

Organic Gluten-Free Granola Fruits Mix is a perfect nutritious blend of whole-grain jumbo oats, freeze-dried fruits and healthy nuts that is full of the GOOD vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. Made with organic whole grain Scandinavian Gluten-free Oats, naturally delighted with a hint of 100% natural and rare Blue agave for a touch of sweetness.

Earth Goods Chia Seeds (AED 30.75)

Premium organic Black Chia seeds are harvested from the lands of the ancient Aztecs. Known for centuries as one of the most nutritious Superfoods on the planets. Gold of the Aztecs, as they are called, are packed full with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibers, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Earth Goods products are available for purchase instore at leading supermarkets including Spinney’s, Choitram’s, Waitrose, Union Coop, Sharjah Coop, and online at,,,


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About Earth Goods:

Earth Goods is on a mission to empower people to eat better, think, act, feel & become better versions of themselves to improve their world.

Earth Goods provides 100% organic products prepared in the healthiest way to go beyond just eating free-from food. These consciously sourced nutritious foods add goodness to everyday life while being better for consumers. Complete with a mindful range of 10 categories, Earth Goods offers products from around the world, from the best harvests around the world to offer body and mind the best the world has to offer.