HONOR Smartphones are The Intelligent Choice for Students

HONOR 9A + 9S Bridge the Digital Divide in Any Learning Environment


DUBAI, UAE AUGUST 26, 2020 – With summer drawing to a close and the new school year right around the corner, students are looking for the best in tech to help bridge the digital divide. Learning environments will look a little different this year as schools divide learning between the classroom and home.

With hundreds of technological innovations to choose form, shopping for an intelligent smartphone presents a unique challenge for students and parents. As the school year begins, students are looking for smartphones that will meet their digital requirements regardless of their geographical locations. Needing flexibility and superior functionality, students can upgrade their digital portfolio with HONOR’S 9S and 9A smartphones. These two smartphones offer digital consumers with an intelligent and a fully interconnected experience in any learning environment.


HONOR 9A: Long Lasting with Ultra-long Battery Life 

 Online learning, long classes and extensive webcam calls require a smartphone with an outstanding, ultra-long battery life. HONOR 9A’s 5000mAh(typ) battery allows students to have 65hrs of normal calls, 32hrs of video, and 36hrs of 4G calls. Students will be able to engage in long hours of web calls without having to worry about running out of charge when they utilize the ‘Ultra Power Saving Mode’ option.  The HONOR 9A also features reverse charging to bring greater convenience when needing an emergency power top-up.


6.3-inches HONOR Full View Display


With the 20:9 display and a spectacular screen-to-body ratio of 88.4%, students will enjoy an immersive and enjoyable experience when completing their readings and assignments. The TÜV Rheinland certified display filters out blue light to optimize eye comfort and ensure that students are comfortable even when spending long hours on the smartphone.


Easy Functionality with Simple Mode


For younger students, having a full-fledged smartphone to navigate online classes can be quite challenging, especially if older siblings are too busy to help. Luckily, HONOR 9A offers a ‘Simple Mode’ that strips the interface to its basic layout, has bigger texts and icons, louder notifications, and easier access to the most-used apps.


Find Digital Balance with Screen Time Control


Using a smartphone to study and attend online classes can be tempting for many students. Luckily, HONORS 9A offers a Digital balance feature where students can manage their screen time by setting time limits for certain apps, monitor how long they use their phone every day, and schedule ‘away time’ from their devices.


HONOR 9S: 5.45-inch HD Display in an Ultra-light Package

HONOR 9S boasts a brilliant 5.45-inch HD display with 16 million colors and 144g Light, offering an enjoyable virtual class experience. Packed in an ultra-light 8.35mm thick package1, HONOR 9S convenient size will enable students to carry it around wherever they go.


Switch to Dark Mode for Comfortable Viewing  

Staying up late to finish assignments and complete readings can be hard on the eyes. Thanks to the HONOR 9S, students can give their smartphone a new look when the night falls. Apart from achieving aesthetic purposes, the dark mode is designed to soften every UI element throughout the system to deliver a comfortable viewing experience in dark environments.

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