Pure Gold Jewellers in coordination with the Punitive and Correctional Institution of Fujairah helps to fly home 50 insolvent inmates


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 03 September, 2020: To support the community and as part of the Pure Gold Jewellers humanitarian initiative “Forgotten Society” to help indebted prisoners, the jewellery retailer covered the cost of airline tickets for 50 insolvent inmates released from the Punitive and Correctional Institution of Fujairah.

Firoz Merchant, philanthropist, Founder and Chairman of Pure Gold Group, said: “We started the Forgotten Society initiative in 2008 when many started to face business and job losses and had to face jail terms for their unpaid debts. Now, with Covid-19 affecting the livelihood of many, the need to help people in financial crisis is more than ever. The released prisoners are those whose debts have been cleared and our role this time is to help cover the cost of their airfare. These are unprecedented times and many are suffering due to the pandemic and I am delighted to extend this gesture of help towards these inmates.”

Those released were of different nationalities and belonging to different religious affiliations. The total amount of contribution is AED 90,000.

Brigadier General Ahmed Hamdan Al-Zeyoudi, Director of the Punitive and Correctional Institution in Fujairah, said, “This is a great initiative by the philanthropist Firoz Merchant to help the released prisoners return home, and this gives them a second chance in life. We hope for more such partnerships between the private sector and the Ministry of Interior to support the community. It is our moral responsibility us as a society to help those who are suffering. Mr. Firoz Merchant sets an example by his proactive response to helping insolvent inmates. In fact, he was the first to come forward during the 2008 economic crisis to help indebted prisoners and we highly appreciate his support and we wish God Almighty will bless him and his family.”

The “Forgotten Society” initiative of the Pure Gold Group was initiated in 2008 by philanthropist Firoz Merchant to help debt prisoners and pay for their airfare to return home. Since its inception, the initiative has helped thousands of insolvent prisoners by paying off their debts or giving them airline tickets to be reunited with their families.