In an “RPM” Rent a Car draw in Dubai An Emirati-Saudi family wins a “Mini Cooper”


Dubai, UAE, Thursday 3 September 2020: Dubai-based RPM Rent a Car announced the result of the first draw for one of three 2021 Mini Cooper cars, which  was won by an Emirati-Saudi family .

The event was held within the campaign launched by “RPM” early last July to support and stimulate tourism in the Emirate of Dubai, in line with the resumption of activities after covid-19 lockdown.

”The event was part of the initiatives of the private sector in the United Arab Emirates to stimulate the economy and encourage national tourism after a hiatus that lasted about 4 months,” said Emirati businessman Mohammed Al Marzouqi, CEO of RPM.

Al Marzouqi stated that the draw is regular and took place after getting a permit from the Department of Economic Development(DED) in Dubai.

He said that his leading company in the car rental sector had announced in early July a two – month draw  campaign on three “2021 Mini Cooper” cars, which would be drawn every two months, meaning that the competition would continue over a period of 6 months.

The competition stipulated that the customer buy a coupon at the price of Dhs350  from the “RPM” outlets after  purchasing one of its services, thus being eligible to participate in the three raffle draws that will be impartiality organized in full transparency  under the supervision of the DED in Dubai.

The first draw took place at the specified place and time in the presence of Mr. Fathallah Abdullah Fathallah, representative of the DED. The winner of the first car was announced, Mrs. Nour Tariq Al-Ansari – a Saudi national, while her husband, Mr. Mansour Al-Zarouni – Emirati, received the award on her behalf.

Accordingly, Al Marzouqi – who was recently elected as the Secretary General of the “Dubai Car Rental Group”, operating under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: “The car rental sector in Dubai is undergoing a real recovery after stopping due to the covid-19, which has caused most losses. Global businesses, and everybody is counting on Dubai’s readiness and its position on the global tourism map ,to win the biggest stake of inbound tourism to the Middle East.”

He pointed out that Dubai managed to open and resume business smoothly and flexibly, and it also sent several messages to tourists as guidance for the health instructions required to protect people from being infected.

Al-Marzouqi explained that the car rental sector in Dubai constantly assess developments to keep pace with the  customers’ requests during the current time, amid the economic challenges that have affected the financial conditions of companies and individuals. The sector rebounded as companies reduce costs and expenses. They bet on the trend to rent cars instead of buying them.

He stressed the idea that the promise of producing an effective drug for the virus eliminates the fears of some tourists from being exposed to the risk of infection, which revives tourism to Dubai, and supports the resumption of entertainment activities as well as investment in the tourism of exhibitions and conferences. That guarantees great activity for the car rental sector, as all eyeballs are focused on ” Dubai Expo ” in October next year.



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