Vatika Menz Styling launches online game ‘Wing Walking’ for UAE residents

First ever online game launched by a men’s styling brand


Dubai, UAE; September 08, 2020: Vatika Menz styling, known for its innovative product and marketing campaigns, has launched a captivating online game, especially to entertain those who are mostly staying at home during this pandemic. They can now enjoy playing ‘Wing Walking’ to keep themselves entertained.  Excitingly enough, this extreme challenge game allows them to win points which they can redeem to obtain great discounts on Vatika Menz hair styling range of products.

The Middle East boasts the world’s fastest growing gaming market, with a whopping 25 percent annual growth, as the region has a high number of youth population who enjoy gaming as one of their favourite leisure time activities.

Prateek Jugran, Senior Product Manager, Vatika Menz Styling Portfolio, said: “Gaming has created an indoor generation of young people who connect with the language of gaming. Our products are popular among young men so, we decided to launch an online game to show our appreciation for their loyalty and at the same time entertain them. ‘Wing Walking’ is an extreme challenge online game where they can easily participate and have a fun time, and even enter contests. Gaming is meant to relax and reduce stress. For single expatriates in the UAE, gaming also fills the void of a family or social life during the pandemic and, helps them to stay happy.”

The game rules are simple, the gamers must avoid all the obstacles in the game, every time you pass an obstacle successfully you will receive a Vatika styling gel sticker. For each sticker the gamers collect, they earn 300 points, and if the gamers collect a Vatika Naturals sticker, they earn 500 points.

To play the online game, gamers can visit