Faces has a new manifesto, and it’s all about you. Moving forward,

your go-to beauty destination is changing the language of beauty standards, because, let’s be real, you’re beautiful.

So, for this campaign, the women that you will see are Real Women. We are here to represent your story, your diversity, and your beauty. True to the region’s identity, women will be able to see their own reflections through our communication. Could it get any better…or more real?

The truth is that all women are beautiful, and we refuse to impose industry rules, identities, perceptions, or any exclusionary mentalities on our Beautistas. We’re taking a stand, and we want to celebrate your reality and beautiful moments of everyday life.

Meet the real faces, real beauty, and real women from all over the region in the upcoming campaign and check out their beauty stories.

Starring in the Real Beauty campaign, meet our muses: Hanin, Dana, Sham, Zeyaanah, Junaynah, Karen and Basma.

There is no truer beauty than your own, so live your beauty!

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FACES, Live your beauty.