Transtec UAE Introduces a Health Buddy Robot to Support Children’s Health

An Exclusive distributor for Walklake Health Check Robots

catered to Nurseries & Schools across all Emirates of the UAE

September 14, 2020 – Transtec UAE, a Dubai based company and a prolific player in the UAE market since 1998, introduces the Walklake “health buddy robot” to conduct health checks for children. Transtec aims to embark on and provide a safe and thriving environment for children as it is important to ensure their wellbeing and health at all times.

Walklake Robot is an AI device created to assist with morning inspections best made for children between the age of 2 to 10 years. Nurseries and schools are crowded with children where social distancing remains a challenge; where each child needs to be fully inspected before they enter the premises to prevent illnesses to spread in normal and epidemic times.

In these challenging times, especially for the education sector in the UAE that is striving to keep in line with the health & safety regulations; Transtec has partnered with a world renowned company Walklake that specializes in manufacturing health check robots that are widely deployed in over 32 countries; facilitating over 1.3 billion morning inspections for nurseries and schools around the world.

The “health check buddy” effectively helps prevent and control epidemic diseases from entering nurseries and schools both under normal and epidemic situations. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus many schools and nurseries have suspended their operations while they are struggling to reopen.

Additionally, there are other common illnesses amongst children such as hand- foot-mouth disease, influenza and herpangina that have a great need to be prevented across all childcare settings. Temperature abnormalities, redness of the eyes, rash on palates, and blisters in the mouth are all common symptoms of these illnesses.

As schools and nurseries in the UAE begin to open, our health check buddy allows early detection of a number of symptoms of childhood illnesses, leading to a more healthy, safe and secure environment, giving peace of mind to parents and school administrators alike” said Taimoor Asif, Director of Transtec.     

Walklake “health check buddy” is the perfect solution for these health checks where it can complete the morning inspections for children in just 3 seconds and prevent these illnesses to spread amongst all childcare settings. This robot can also generate a real time report that can be shared with the senior management to ensure early detection and maintaining best health practices.

Transtec’s technical team to ensure that the Walklake Robot experience is a smooth and interactive one. It also guarantees that this AI device will constantly update and keep track of new or developed infections within children in the UAE aiming at doubling up all security measures, storing photos of parents’ faces to recognize who picks the child up from a specific school or nursery.  Adopting this new norm in the UAE will be one of its kind and will enhance & facilitate healthcare in times to come.