Le Pain Quotidien celebrates turning 30 with a fresh and wholesome new menu

Dubai, October 20, 2020: Cultfavourite bakery-restaurantLe Pain Quotidien,also known as LPQ, celebrates its 30th anniversary on October 26 this year. The festivities kick off in their six LPQ restaurant locations in Dubai, with the launch of a fresh new menu.

Celebrating seasonal ingredients and artisanal techniques, the new menu includes a variety of wholesome dishes bursting with goodness and flavour. Choose from the ‘Turkish Eggs’ for a nourishing, delicious start to the day, the power packed ‘Manhattan Breakfast’ for brunch, or the ‘Baked Codfish’, for an elegant yet satisfying lunch or supper. Enjoy them in the warm and welcoming restaurants, featuring reclaimed wood and the day’s specials written on charming chalkboards.

Three decades ago, the young chef Alain Coumont opened Le Pain Quotidien (French for “The Daily Bread”) in Brussels because he was dissatisfied with the quality of bread available locally. He began baking his own bread, mixing flour, water and salt into the familiar loaves of his childhood. Alain furnished the store with cabinets scoured from antique stores and a large wooden table, reclaimed from the floors of retired Belgian trains purchased at a local flea market – the first of Le Pain Quotidien’s communal tables.

Today, Le Pain Quotidien has a global community of over 200 stores throughout the world. The ‘communal table’ made of reclaimed wood continues to be the centrepiece of the bakery-restaurants, where guests are invited to linger, savouring good food and good company. The bread is still the best in town, freshly baked in house with organic flour.

LPQ continues to serve simple, nourishing and delicious food. Enjoy breakfast with organic breads, pastries, eggs, coffees and teas or dine on the signature tartines (open-faced sandwiches), soups, salads and quiches. Also offered are organic, 100% Arabica coffee and a range of organic teas, including black, green and herbal teas to take that LPQ taste home.

LPQ remains committed to a healthy lifestyle, offering as many organic products as possible: from organic flour for its legendary breads to pantry shelves stocked with organic jams, chocolate spreads and cold pressed olive oils.

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About Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien is an ORGANIC rustic dining experience, known for its freshly prepared organic bread, bringing you the best each and every day. It is the adaptation to the taste of today, a way of life: which is simple, attentive to quality and service in a relaxed and hospitable atmosphere.

Everything combines to create an atmosphere that is simple and natural. Wicker baskets, the pastries, the jam pot, the communal table, the walls coated with sand and ochre colors, the soft lighting, the large blackboard on which the day’s suggestions are written up in chalk, the classical music, the organic coffee in a bowl, the originality of the open sandwiches, salads and soups. It is all these things, which distinguish us and contribute to our success.