The China-France Wine Forum in Minning town, Ningxia

The China-France Wine Forum was held in Minning town, Ningxia,China on October 22, 2020. The theme of “A Dialogue to Make Wine Cultures Flourish”. Christine Cayol, Vice President of China-French Culture and Art Research Center and Vice Chairman of China-French Culture Forum,Zhao Jinjun, former Chinese ambassador to France, Vice Chairman of CCIEE, and Chinese Vice Chairman of the China-French Cultural Forum,Henry-Claude Cousseau,the Former Dean of the École des Beaux-Arts and other representatives gave a speech in this forum.

Christine Cayol said the cultural value of wine connects China and France, and we are about to experience this important moment together.It was a momentous occasion and the beginning of a grand plan that is to build a platform dedicated to promoting wine culture, education and craftsmanship in Ningxia

Henry-Claude Cousseau also noted the connection between art and wine can be said to have a long history. Art has always been an open field, and wine is also a field worth exploring without restrictions. Therefore we should encourage this connection and dialogue between art and wine.We can show the unique style of Ningxia chateau to the world, and

 invite contemporary art masters, senior artists or emerging artists to come to create and have a dialogue, let them create a dialogue with the vineyard, wine and the pursuit of making  fine wine through their works.

This forum was held during the Ninth Ningxia International Wine Expo at Helan Mountains’ Eastern Foot. The forum discussed how to give wine value and wealth, how to give wine cultural characteristics, and make contributions to the wine industry.