Daily 360-degree disinfection enabling a safe, germ free

 SIBF 2020 experience 

Expo Centre Sharjah clean sweeps the entire fair venue, 12 – 5 am, employing
the multiple barrier approach of world-class UV disinfection systems

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Sharjah, November 9, 2020

The ‘safety first’ approach of the 39th Sharjah International Book Fair that adheres to internationally approved health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease has enabled thousands of visitors to enjoy their book buying experience in a safe environment at Expo Centre Sharjah since the fair’s opening on November 4.

Taking their commitment to public health safety one step further, all exhibition halls at Expo Centre Sharjah are being disinfected daily by special personnel, who are taking medical grade sterilising trolleys across the fair venue, covering every nook and cranny during a 360-degree disinfection drive of both surfaces and the  air, from 12 midnight to 5am daily.

The disinfection teams deploying the intelligent innovation launched by UAE-based Sanitizexperts, begin in Halls 5 and 6. After two hours, they make their way to Halls 1 and 3.  With the ability to sterilise an 800 square metre area in 150 minutes, and said to be around 10 times the efficiency of other disinfection methods, the teams work in Halls 2 and 4 from 3.30am to 5am.

The multiple barrier approach of world-class UV disinfection systems is making the physical venue of SIBF 2020 a safer place for visitors and exhibitors until the fair concludes on November 14. 

Among other health and safety protocols being observed are pre-registration of visitors in scheduled time slots, thermal scanners and colour coded bracelets to monitor entry and exit timings of all visitors.