Attention multitaskers! 2020 kicked off with a bang and is whizzing by us in a flash. With more and more on our plates, Wow Beauty Forward wants to make sure you aren’t sacrificing your beauty game by serving up a product especially tailored for your busy life: On the Run!

On the Run is a multi-functional face and eye palette that will meet your every need in one essential compact. Will an array of hues that can bring life to your eyeshadow game or revive your glow with blushes and highlighters, this new product is truly your go-to for a quick glamour fix!

Not only is On the Run going to give you a quick fix, but the versatile choices will let you cater to different vibes, depending on your mood and look you want to achieve. This is the secret weapon every beauty savant needs in her life.

Stay tuned for On the Run’s muse, The Hala, for her ‘day-in-the-life’ video campaign, strutting through life with her secret weapon at her side!

On the Run is available across all Faces Beauty Stores and at our online boutique with the following retail prices

United Arab Emirates at AED 175

Saudi Arabia at SAR 175

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