Historic movie ‘Quezon’s Game’ receives positive reviews from moviegoers in UAE

The film, depicting the rescue of Jewish community after the Night of Broken Glass happened in 1938 in Germany by the then Filipino statesman, continues its screening across the UAE cinemas.

Dubai– November 19, 2020: Scores of movie enthusiasts in the UAE hailed the Filipino movie ‘Quezon’s Game’, which depicts late Filipino statesman and President Manuel L. Quezon rescuing Jewish community after the historic event Night of Broken Glass happened in 1938 in Germany. The film, brought to the UAE by ABS-CBN and TFC, continues its screening in cinemas around the region.

Among the moviegoers from UAE, Mr. Graham Cooke, Founder of World Group, remarked, “I am very fascinated with the movie” and added that “this is a well-produced film, and the acting was superb.”

Fahed Alblooshi,CEO of Evolution Media Production and Filipino-Emirati vlogger, said “I think the new generation and the coming generation would learn more about history. Our ancestors and fathers always say that if you want to know the future you always have to go back to the past. It is a great movie to watch, it is something that will teach us a lot, and it is something more than just a movie.”

Jean Candiotte,contributor of ‘Celebrating Tolerance’ book and member of the Jewish Council of the Emirates, explained, “This story needs to be remembered and told to future and current generations. I strongly recommend that anyone and everyone see this film.”

Fahed Alblooshi and Jean Candiotte believe that the younger and next generations should watch the film. ‘Quezon’s Game’ mainly focuses on the historical aspect and constructs an enigmatic plot. The film is fairly rarefied work and rewarding for those up for a moving experience.

“The Filipinos will really feel very proud of President Quezon,” said JJ Jarder right after watching the film. She adds that “we really have to give importance to this because people from the past really worked hard for this.”

On the other hand, Lou Parroco said, “I did not expect it will make me feel prouder being a Filipino as soon as I get out of this cinema. The film will make you feel proud to be a Filipino. Actually, it will make you happy being a Filipino.  It is a big legacy of President Quezon that we should really be very proud of as Filipinos.”

Now streaming in the UAE theatres, the plot of the Filipino-language film revolves around the story of how President Manuel L. Quezon and some key personalities in the 1930s have rescued refugees from the ghettos of Germany and Austria. 

The overseas Filipinos, who have seen ‘Quezon’s Game’ in the UAE cannot help but be prouder of their roots. Some of them even watched the film in groups, making the movie more impactful for them.

‘Quezon’s Game’ was produced by Star Cinema in association with iWant, and Kinetek, which stars Raymund Bagatsing, Rachel Alejandro, David Bianco, Billy Ray Gallion, James Paolelli, and Kate Alejandrino.

The film, directed by Matthew Rosen and written by Janice Y. Perez and Dean Rosen, is based on the original story of Matthew Rosen and Lorena H. Rosen, under the Supervising Producer Marizel S. Martinez and Creative Producers Enrico C. Santos and John Paul E. Abellera. The film’s Executive Producers were Carlo L. Katigbak, Olivia M. Lamasan, Linggit Tan-Marasigan, and Lorena H. Rosen.

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