Badiri Academy expands horizons with diverse range of e-learning opportunities

Online sessions on entrepreneurship, financial management, e-learning and emotional development being held in partnership with University of Sharjah, Sharjah Islamic Bank and the London-based School of Life 

Sharjah, November 21, 2020

Continuing to innovate to expand and diversify its e-learning and skills development offerings, in light of a rapidly changing market landscape post Covid-19, Badiri Education and Development Academy (Badiri), the education and capacity building arm of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA), has rolled out its November webinar series in partnership with leading educational and professional institutions in the UAE and abroad.

With a focus on a holistic approach to learning, balancing professional and personal development, Badiri has designed five unique virtual workshops with University of Sharjah (UoS), Sharjah Islamic Bank and the London-based The School of Life, which are being held through the month of November. Led by financial and educational experts and reputed life skills coaches, the webinar series offers latest and specialised insights into entrepreneurship, investments and financial management, e-learning and emotional development.     

Build ‘Resilience’ with London-based ‘School of Life’

In this period of unsettling change, resilience is the quality that will ensure success. The workshop titled ‘Resilience’ to be delivered (Tuesday), November 24, by The School of Life, will show how to develop a more helpful mindset when experiencing change and loss and avoiding blaming ourselves. Participants will also learn to create a toolbox of resources to use when times get tough and consider what new strategies might be useful.

Dr Mona Al Ali, Manager, Badiri Education and Development Academy, said: “Following the success of our educational webinars, which offered a vibrant platform for collaborative learning in times of physical distancing, Badiri has decided to expand its offerings with more specialised opportunities for youth and women to continue on their journeys of professional and personal development. Through the month of November, our webinar participants are gaining knowledge in both traditional and non-traditional fields, and capitalising on unique opportunities to learn from the best in the fields of investment and finance, entrepreneurship, and objective decision making, among other key areas.”   

Badiri’s November webinar series has already witnessed active participation in four workshops, from November 9 – 17, covering current and in-demand topics like career opportunities in entrepreneurship for students, delivered by Moza Al Khayyal, consultant with NAMA; the best ways students can approach e-learning and gain from it delivered by Badiri Academy team in partnership with UoS; and an insightful talk on objectivity and decision making targeting participants’ emotional development, delivered by The School of Life.

The fourth workshop in the series, titled ‘Investment and Financial Management: A Woman’s Necessary Forte’, was delivered in partnership with Sharjah Islamic Bank on November 17. It taught attendees the basics of investment, the difference between savings and investment, and how to read market trends, among other key financial topics.

How to enrol

To register for the workshops, please visit the Badiri website  For more information about Badiri’s webinars, online workshops and panel discussion, please visit Badiri’s social media accounts @Badiriacademy.  The events are offered free of cost.