Natalie Sallaum

A young beauty enthusiast and leading influencer, Natalie Sallaum has turned her passion for beauty into an online realm, aiming to inspire and be inspired by connecting with thousands of her followers in Lebanon, the MENA region and all around the world. She uses her social media channels, where she incorporates her love for fashion and lifestyle, as a platform for female empowerment, encouraging women of all ages to follow their dreams and go after their passions.

Hoping to set an example, Natalie set out on a journey to turn her own dream of starting a unique beauty line into a reality. After three years of research and development, it has been one of the most enriching experiences of her life, both on a personal and on a professional level.

Coming from a Lebanese, Swiss and Chilean background, Natalie’s unique multicultural vision has heavily influenced every aspect of this new venture, tailoring her products to every woman’s needs and aspirations. 

The Coffee Collection 

“I have always been inspired by women who can be themselves uninhibitedly, and my line will always be about highlighting the natural and individual type of beauty each woman holds within!”

  • Natalie Sallaum

Natalie Beauty’s first product line an exquisite collection of contour and highlighter sticks dubbed the Coffee Collection. Inspired by all the skin-like shades of coffee, from vanilla to mocha, as well as her well-known passion for morning routines, the Coffee Collection is truly unique.  Through a wide range of tones, multiple uses, practical application and a natural smooth finish, Natalie Beauty aims to cater to every skin type and color.

Featuring the Coffee Contour Sticks that shape the face by accentuating every woman’s beautiful features and the Syrup Spark Sticks that add a highlight shimmer to bring out her inner glow, the Coffee Collection is designed to blend perfectly while simultaneously boldly intensifying everything that distinguishes a woman…

The innovative, cruelty-free, vegan formula is free of parabens, talc and lanolin. The texture is very delicate yet incredibly effective. All Natalie Beauty products are crafted in Italy by industry leaders with utmost care and attention to detail. The Coffee Contour Sticks are by far the most pigmented contour sticks in the market with high quality performance, while the Syrup Spark Sticks can be used as highlighters as well as daring eyeshadows.

“Sourcing natural ingredients and working on a formula that is utterly kind to a woman’s skin, while still providing the full effect of makeup that we all love, that is my aim!”

  • Natalie Sallaum

Throughout her experiments and explorations with make-up and beauty, Natalie found that there was a growing demand among today’s women for natural, skin-loving products that still achieve the desired effect.

As the seeds of Natalie Beauty took root, this concept was further developed and researched at one of the foremost manufacturers’ in Italy. It took three long years and many trials; however Natalie insisted on achieving the ultimate quality without compromising the natural aspect of her brand.

As she launches her first line, the Coffee Collection, Natalie is proud to say that she never lost sight of the ‘Why’ of her brand.

What Makes the Coffee Collection Unique?

Presented as contour and highlighter sticks, the Coffee Collection is unique in more than one way; game changer in the world of contouring. For one, all Natalie Beauty products are vegan and use a selection of the most sought-after natural ingredients in their distinct formula. As such, they are not only beautifying, but they care for your skin from within. Moreover, the contour and highlighter sticks are easy to use and versatile, making them accessible and practical for every woman out there. Highly pigmented, a little bit goes a long way, yet, the texture and finish are remarkably natural. By combining a beautifully sleek presentation, top quality, a visible effect, natural ingredients, a cruelty-free policy and versatility, the Coffee Collection stands out among the best brands in the beauty industry to make a lasting mark!  

The Products

12 Coffee Contour Sticks

9 Syrup Spark Highlighter Sticks

Contour Sticks  Characteristics:

Easy to use; pointy tip

Creamiest texture

Light formula

Most Pigmented

Blends Easily

Syrup Spark Sticks Characteristics

Easy to use

Creamy texture

Light formula

Pointy Tip

Multi-use & Practical


Women Empowerment




Appreciates Beauty (all shapes and colors)

Positive, Happy Vibes


Promoting self-care

diversity and ethnic representation.

Animal Friendly

Environmental Friendly Product

Contact Information 

Natalie Sallaum