Dubai-born disruptor CAFU reveals staggering uptick in customers, proving a shift in preference towards on-demand fuel delivery and car services

Dubai, UAE, December 09, 2020: CAFU has revealed its latest user figures as it crosses its two millionth fuel fill-up,pointing to a staggering increase in the number of residents opting for contactless on-demand car services over driving to or waiting in line at a petrol station.

The pioneering Dubai-born company blazed a trail in 2018 with a first-of-its-kind proposition in the region,of on-demand fuel delivery.

Two years and two million fills later,and with two ‘Disruptive brand’ titles and a ‘Company of the Year’ award under its belt, CAFU continues to enjoy increasing demand as it contributes towardsthe nation’s growing appetite for such services.

“In just eight months since completing our one-millionth fill in March this year, we have already managed to surpass the two million mark twice as fast, which goes to show that there is an increasing appetite for our convenient and on-demand car services that help save our customers time and money” said Antonio Al Asmar, General Manager of CAFU.

“We have also grown our number of customers significantly despite the devastating impact of Covid-19, which is a testament to the safety of our services owing to its contactless nature” he added.

The company, which announced its move to free delivery of fuel on-demand earlier this year, has witnessed a 124% increase in its number of monthly active users since the lifting of the lockdown, alluding to an overall change in consumer behaviour and preference.

Digital savvy population and post-lockdown activity sees surge in appetite for convenient on-demand services

If the onslaught of a global pandemic and going into lockdown has taught us anything, it is that click-and-collect businesses have been pushed to the fore, superseding brick-and-mortar business models.

And with a digital savvy population, and more people getting back into their cars post-lockdown as workplaces open up and residents opt for staycations and daycations over trimmed international travel opportunities, this is no different for the on-demand car service which has experienced an increase of 71% in average daily new users.

Covid-19 impact results in greater demand for the safety of contactless services over petrol stations

Wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and constantly sanitizing our hands and the surfaces we come in contact with has been our ‘new normal’ for a while now. This has directly impacted a rise in preference for the safety of contactless alternatives such as CAFU’s on-demand fuel delivery, on-demand car wash and recently engineoil change service, which can be seen in the huge increase of 120% in the average number of orders per day, and a 13% uptick in orders per customer.

The award-winning company has been actively growing its car services having recently introduced its on-demand car wash SuperShineTMwith anti-bacterial interior clean that kills viruses and 99.9% bacteria, and engine oil change service, with more services due in the pipeline. 

CAFU was also featured on UAE’s Apple iPhone 12 release video, as the new addition to iOS 14 – ‘App Clip’ will allow customers to instantly order and experience car services from CAFU within seconds.

The CAFU fuel delivery app is available to download on Android and iOS. To learn more, please visit