Mizensir announces its latest creation, Golden Oud

Finest Quality, Utter Perfection, Elegance

November 2020, Dubai UAE — A symbol of craftsmanship and excellence, Mizensir announces the launch of its latest creation, Golden Oud. An elegant, subtle, yet intense composition, the perfume continues the legacy of the family-owned perfume house, a vision born of Creator and Founder Alberto Morillas.

Established in Geneva, Switzerland and with a design ethos “to create excellent fragrances which tell a story of passion, memories and travels”, the nose Morillas continues the narrative with the launch of Golden Oud. Inspired by a tranquil stroll along the glistening shores of Lake Geneva, Morillas drew inspiration from the emotions invoked by individuals he passed to create a perfume that is “sensual and subtle, yet heavy and intense”.

Golden Oud pays homage to the essential oud oil, which is sourced from the remote corners of Asia, along the Bangladesh-Indian border. Known as Oud Assafi, it is the purest of its kind, possessing an extraordinary richness, which is perfectly balanced with its leathery and smoky aroma. With a delicate balsamic further infusing the notes of the perfume, Golden Oud showcases unique qualities that shine to create a complex olfactory narrative. Frankincense and Bulgarian rose top notes give it outstanding intricacies, while papyrus and Oud Assafi brings out its mystery at the heart, and at the base, Amyris wood and cetalox give it sensuality and roundness. Together the notes create a captivating elixir for the skin, which is both feminine and masculine.

Creator and Founder Alberto Morillas’ vision remains unwaveringly committed to quality, perfection and elegance. When describing his vision for Golden Oud he explains, “I have always thought of this perfume as encapsulating the essence of oud wood and its magic. In order to ensure exceptional quality, I opted for traditional Oud AssafiTM, which is unique to Firmenich. In Arabic, ‘assafi’ means ‘extremely pure’, an accurate description of this essential oil. When creating it, I was careful to only use ingredients which brought out its unique qualities, not dissimilar to sculpting a diamond. Golden Oud can be worn in one thousand and one ways, either with discretion or with boldness. Make it your own – this majestic perfume knows no limits,” said Morillas.

Mizensir continues to be applauded amongst many fragrance connoisseurs in the region, in part credited to the quality of the brand’s products, but also due to its sophisticated range of “Oud” fragrances within the collection. In recent years, with the growing perfume market in the Middle East, the love of “Oud” based fragrances has reached an all-time high, captivating many with the sweet, woodsy scent.