NeuSpace offers alternative solutions for vacant hotel properties in the GCC

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Three entrepreneurs launch an innovative solution for hotel owners and investors by developing a socially responsible solution for the survival of empty hotel buildings.  NeuSpace supports owners, investors, operators, and municipalities by analyzing alternative uses for vacant hotel properties and quickly realizing a new source of revenue.  The three women entrepreneurs and founders of NeuSpace have set themselves the goal of enabling hotel owners in the GCC to take a new perspective through modern and socially responsible concepts. They are currently working with new concepts in Saudi Arabia and looking to expand their portfolio across the region.

The basic principle is built on three pillars, which relies on stable value preservation, new housing space and innovative housing concepts.  The focus here is on higher utilization and job security.   As a positive side effect, there is the new possibility of additional attractive housing in top locations.

Public hotel areas such as restaurants, conference rooms, swimming pools and fitness areas can be integrated economically into the overall concept.  

The founders of NeuSpace, Margarita Kaske, Barbara Lindermann and Anne Schäflein bring many years of knowledge and expertise.  Margarita Kaske has developed award-winning hotel projects with her architectural firm Octo GmbH and specializes in individual design in the construction phase. Barbara Lindermann brings 30 years of experience in the field of real estate and other areas of financing, asset management, project management and rental concepts. Anne Schäflein  is the creative expert for strategic planning, project management and repositioning and comes with 25 years of international hotel industry experience with QANNIK Projects.

About NeuSpace

Space for new ideas: The young consulting company NeuSpace was founded in view of the  tense situation of the global hospitality industry due to Covid-19.  Based in Karlsruhe, Germany, the start-up offers a holistic concept for the preservation of hotels.  The concrete goal is to find a sustainable solution for vacant hotel properties, which combines the interests of owners and investors with the needs of the operator.

The new type of urbanization of intergenerational housing concepts meets with commercial enterprises, integrated kindergartens and age-appropriate living space, in order to create new perspectives  and possibilities for the use of hotel properties.

The founding trio Margarita Kaske, Barbara Lindermannn  and Anne Schäflein are characterized  by  their in-depth  know-how in the  field of architecture& design ,  financing and project planning  and deliver quick (1-4 months, depending on the project) , authentic, socially responsible overall solutions that  promise profitability, maintain jobs as well as create  new  ones while creating attractive living spaces within communities possible. For more information, visit

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