RAK Hospital awarded for its impressive COVID 19 response

Wins two prestigious awards from World Medical Council

19th January, 2021: Ras Al Khaimah, UAE: For its efficient response to COVID 19 and contribution towards the community during the pandemic, RAK Hospital received two prestigious awards from the World Medical Council. The healthcare institution has been honored for its “Excellence in Leadership” while Dr Raza Siddiqui, the Executive Director of the hospital received the “Healthcare Personality of Year Award” for demonstrating high level of commitment, innovation and effective management of the situation.

World Medical Council awards’ initiative aims to highlight, honor and celebrate path breaking achievements of organizations who have demonstrated exemplary leadership towards driving organizational and team effectiveness through Human Capital Management, Diversity and Strategic Planning. This award thus recognises the achievements of the industry’s most outstanding performers and celebrates their success on international platform.

“It feels great to be appreciated and recognized for our vision, commitment to community, staff and country – our strategy has paid off and has given us the confidence to rise above the challenge while presenting an example for others to follow, commented Dr. Raza Siddiqui, Executive Director, RAK Hospital.

“When the Covid pandemic stormed across the globe creating havoc in its aftermath, healthcare industry was left grappling with a new reality that it hadn’t faced in living memory. However, we at RAK Hospital quickly recognised the challenge and focused all our energies on providing continuity of care for which tele-health facilities were ramped up, home healthcare division was initiated while hospital layout was re-structured to provide a safer and protective environment for non-Covid patients.

Moreover, ensuring regular testing for staff, providing them with top-quality protective gear and necessary care in case of emergencies helped build the confidence amongst the workforce. This was further complemented by ensuring zero salary cuts and layoffs, which otherwise had became the norm during the pandemic. Increased employee, patient and shareholders confidence resulted in positive outcomes, improved productivity therefore building loyalty”, further commented Dr Siddiqui.

“Setting up massive screening infrastructure and resources in no time, added to the overall business revenue despite the crisis. Furthermore, tie ups with local industries and educational institutes also helped serve the cause. Moreover, we launched several community initiatives including the Corporate Hygeine Audits and Infection Control Educative Sessions, Patient Education, Covid Rehabilitation Programme, Cold and Flu Clinic, 5-star quarantine facility for staff,  besides working in line with Government’s objectives to manage the COVID 19 response efficiently”, added Dr Siddiqui.