** A campaign designed to challenge youngsters interested in Finance or Accountancy **

ACCA recognises that mentoring can help facilitate career success for up-coming future accountants. They have now embarked on their ‘Take the Challenge’ campaign, which is designed to challenge youngsters between ages 13 and 16 years to take the challenge and especially those that are interested in Finance or Accountancy.

ACCA is providing this opportunity for students to not only get a head start into the qualification but also to study the foundation of bookkeeping through a six weeks course, and to then take the online progress test for free.  They are also giving all students a chance to prove that they are the best, win prizes and the title of ACCA Middle East’s Student Financial Champion 2021.

Fazeela Gopalani, Head of ACCA Middle East quoted: The challenge is providing a unique opportunity for students to have an insight in to the world of accounting whilst being able to test the qualification as it counts towards their studies for the ACCA qualification which is embedded in many of the university finance courses in the region. It’s also highlights the importance of financial literacy to an audience that hasn’t had much exposure.

This is an opportunity for all the youngers to SIGN UP today for the challenge and to prove you have got what it takes. The exciting prizes will include an iPhone 12, shopping vouchers and free registration in to the ACCA qualification.