FOCP calls on UAE community to offer Zakat to help save lives of needy cancer patients
Donations will cover costs of vital treatment including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical procedures, medication costs, scans and transplants

Sharjah, February 02, 2021

Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), a UAE-based civil society organisation dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer on community through awareness programmes and financial support to underprivileged patients, has announced the launch of its ninth annual ‘I Deserve a Life’ Ramadan Zakat campaign, to raise funds for cancer patients who cannot afford the high costs of treatment.
FOCP, which provides medical, financial, and emotional support to cancer patients and their families throughout the year, has urged the UAE community to be unstinting in their support this year, and to donate their Zakat to offer hope to the neediest sections of the Muslim community in keeping with the spirit and values of the holy month of Ramadan.
As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact lives in the UAE and globally, FOCP will continue to enable donors make their contributions digitally via SMS and website donations, bank transfers and online coupon purchases for its 2021 Ramadan Zakat campaign. From as little as AED 10 onwards, private and government entities, banks, corporate houses as well as UAE residents can contribute to this noble cause to cover costs of chemotherapy, radiation, transplants, medication, surgeries, and other expenses incurred during the varying stages of diagnosis and treatment.

The FOCP initiative is made possible by the Fatwa issued by the Permanent Fatwa Committee in Sharjah which states that it is permissible to use zakat funds to treat poor and needy patients, if they cannot afford treatment costs.

Since its launch in 2013, the campaign has supported 1449 patients. In 2020, more than 200 individuals and families impacted by cancer received support through FOCP’s ‘I Deserve a Life’ Ramadan Zakat campaign. A sum of AED 2,576,518.88 was received last year which enabled FOCP to cover the costs of 25 chemotherapies, 10 radiotherapies, 33 medications, 10 surgeries, 25 scans, 25 medical equipment, and 1 bone marrow transplant.

In a statement, Hamid Al Hamid, Program Manager Community Affairs at FOCP, said: “Zakat is a vital pillar of Islam and the holy month of Ramadan is the right opportunity to show our compassion and care to those in need of essential support. As in the previous years, this year too, the Zakat funds we receive will play a vital role in helping us respond better to reduce the financial burden of treatment costs of our less privileged Muslim brothers and sisters, and provide patients with essential medical treatments that could potentially save lives.”
He added: “Cancer patients are more susceptible to communicable diseases such as COVID-19, and the challenges imposed by the ongoing pandemic have also interrupted their follow-up treatments and routine medical check-ups. To enable deserving cancer patients to overcome these challenges, and to extend a lifeline of hope and good health for those in need, I appeal to all to observe the month of giving by making a substantial difference in the lives of those suffering from cancer.”
Donations to FOCP’s ‘I Deserve a Life’ Ramadan Zakat fund can be made to FOCP directly online at Online donation coupons of AED 10, 50,100, 500 and 1,000 are available for purchase at:
Bank transfers can be made to FOCP’s ‘Zakatkm Elajohm’ local account no: 0011-364854-002 at the Sharjah Islamic Bank (International Bank Account Number ‘IBAN’: AE440410000011364854002).

SMS donations can be made by sending the word ‘Zakat’ to the Etisalat numbers: 2303 to donate AED 10; 2305 to donate AED 50; 2307 to donate AED 100; or 2308 to donate AED 500.