Capital University College leads strong into 2021 with a 400 percent increase in student enrollment
• Capital University College announces a 400% increase in student enrollment
• The university announces an increase in efficiency by 50% since the online transition
• The university reveals a 32% increase in salary for students completing MBA program in partnership with RBS
• The university created over 6,800 hours of online content, investing several thousands of dollars for LMS software
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 14th February 2021: UAE’s leading higher education institution, Capital University College records a 400% increase in student intake in 2020. This incredible surge was possible with the university’s successful transition to online learning with the support of their experienced faculty and staff. This increase was led by students and professionals who are looking to upskill to future their career or seek promotion in their current employment. Despite the pandemic and its challenges, the higher education institution launched ten new bilingual programs in exclusive partnership with Italy’s Rome Business School. These programs are from diverse streams that are offered in dual modes of learning and languages, directly impacting the university’s student intake.
Since the online transition, the university has experienced an increase in productivity by 50% as most online classes are delivered through LMS software. Such software has enabled the university to make over 6,800 hours of content that can be swiftly produced, distributed and managed. As per their students, online classes have saved time as they no longer have to attend on-campus lectures and instead can use the time wisely for other assignments and project-purpose.

On the education front, the university has revealed that its international program – Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the most popular program amongst their UAE students. Capital further analyzes that this is mainly due to two stand-out reasons. The working class is keen on pursuing a postgraduate program to future proof their employment opportunities or be eligible for competitive promotions. Another reason being professionals opting to migrate to other countries as the program allows students to incur WES points which is beneficial when they decide to transfer to other countries like Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

According to a report submitted by Capital University College’s exclusive partners, Rome Business School, students who complete MBA and Professional Master in Human Resource Management foresee the highest salary increase amongst our programs, with an increase of 22% and 32% respectively. This has led to an increase in the university’s international students with 15% hailing from Nigeria and other African countries. The reason behind Capital being the desired education destination for Nigerian students is its flexible, affordable and quality-centric programs.

Commenting on Capital’s milestones, Dr Vikas Nand Kumar Batheja, Co-Founder & Director, Capital University College states “We are extremely proud to see our progress since the university’s shift to online classes. It was indeed a challenging time for our staff and students but it was only these unprecedented times that enabled us to bring a change that has been highly beneficial for both the university as well as its students. This year, we are going to continue having both online and on-campus modes of learning considering its success. We are extremely happy with our student response and cannot wait to experience what is in store for us in 2021.”

Adding to this, Dr Sanjay Batheja, Co-Founder & Director, Capital University College comments “The year 2020 has been a roller-coaster ride for all of us but what makes it so special is how we managed to overcome the challenges by creative and efficient strategies that do not compromise on the quality of education. Despite these uncertain times, we have managed to bring in new partners from Europe, introduce new programs, and associate ourselves with sustainable development global organizations that have added value to student education and the Middle Eastern market as well. We are excited to see what is to unfold in the coming years!”

About Capital University College
Capital University College UAE, is a leading education institution in the UAE and has been operational in the United Arab Emirates since 1998. The college has other prestigious partnerships with Glyndwr University (North Wales Business School), London College of Arts in the United Kingdom and also with Westcliff University in California.
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