LilleBite: Tiny treats with a flavourful attitude

February is the month of the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day, when cupid’s sweetness of gift-giving is in the air with delicious temptations at every turn.

Enter LilleBite, a homegrown dessert and gifting concept that features and ultimately celebrates, bite-sized, hand-crafted mini-treats. With the spotlight on their cupcakes, LilleBite’s creations are freshly made, from the highest quality ingredients and come in a variety of flavour profiles. From the tried-and-true classics like Chocolate Chip and ‘Cookies and Cream’ to the daring, slightly eccentric flavours like the ‘Flaming Hot’, the ‘Sour Bite’ and the ‘After Eight Mint Party’.

Building on the belief that gifting baked goods are much more enjoyable (& personal!) along with having one small but perfect sweet treat that can satisfy any sweet tooth, Nora Hoermann set out on a quest in 2017, to create flavourful and fun experiences that reach beyond the palate. It took two years of trying and refining recipes to finally create the very first selection of flavours, adjustable to just about every dietary need. In 2019, LilleBite was officially created and by 2020, it officially opened its doors.

Nora has put much thought and care into integrating all senses into the LilleBite experience, which is exhibited not only in the taste of her treats, but also in the visual appeal of the cupcakes, the fun packaging and the customer service. She is a stickler for freshness and taste and still the brain behind new flavours.

LilleBite takes a different spin on the presentation of their treats, with their funky, Pop Art inspired, brightly coloured, customizable sleeves to accompany their boxes. For special occasions, LilleBite created Gift Boxes that will not only impress any recipient but are also super practical. Better yet, the selection of box sizes allows for a gift for every budget and occasion.

“I believe that eating is an experience that involves all senses.” stated Nora. “and I wanted to create a fun experience that everyone can enjoy.”

Indeed, most people can enjoy those little treats, as many items are available in gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan options.

LilleBite might be best known for their cupcakes, but it has recently added bite-sized brownies and muffins to their product family.

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