Gargash Hospital, the UAE’s first female-owned, multi-specialty, tertiary care hospital with primary focus on women and childcare was launched at a time when most businesses were heading to a closure during the start of the pandemic. However, relying on its extensive medical experience and poles of excellence in the fields of IVF, Gynecology, Obstetrics and General Health, the hospital has not only been able to survive its first year, but also ensured that patients were offered the best treatment. Ghada Sawalmah, CEO of Gargash Hospital, throws more light on their journey below –

Why did you decide to launch during COVID?

We had plans to start the hospital in 2020, and when COVID hit, we didn’t want to succumb to it. We believed in our competencies and infrastructure and were confident that the move to launch would be in our best interest.

What is the current capacity of Gargash Hospital?

We are a 50-bed facility, this is inclusive of pre/post op beds, 38 in patient rooms, ICU & NICU. We have a focus on mother and childcare, as well as other general departments such as ENT, endocrinology, general surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, dental, dietician, family medicine, urology, psychology and radiology. Of course, we can’t miss our IVF unit which is the only fully fledged IVF unit within a hospital in the UAE.

As the CEO of this newly launched healthcare facility in Dubai, what are your plans / strategies to prioritize health and wellness in this territory?

To continue with representing transparent, ethical healthcare based around patient centered care. We understand that Management of patients in this “new norm” is different and as such, have taken more steps to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and society. This includes measures to insure sterility, patient flow management and facility upgrades.

At Gargash hospital, we focus on holistic healing, embracing every breadth of human life — mind, body, and soul. We are the first hospital to have a fully equipped Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) facility with modern amenities, advanced technology, and excellent health care professionals to promote a safe environment and comfortable experience. Our ambiance ensures that patients feel relaxed as they visit the facility. Our professional healthcare representatives are trained to make every medical treatment personal and customized with luxurious comfort and care.

In your opinion, how has the healthcare industry grown in UAE in past few years and how has this industry contributed during corona outbreak?

In Dubai specifically we have seen a massive boom in healthcare providers, be it smaller polyclinics to larger international entities with partnerships here in the UAE. Due to the massive number of healthcare providers, I believe the support that the private sector was able to provide the government and society in controlling and managing COVID cases was substantial. Also, the government sector helped support the private sector with different consumables, equipment and manpower. I believe this partnership between the private and government sectors is what helped and helps with the success of the UAE as a healthcare hub.

How do you see next 5 years for Gargash Hospital?

With the departments that we already have I see us delving deeper into the subspecialities. As a healthcare provider you must always thrive to provide the highest care possible. Every specialty has subspecialties, and we want Gargash Hospital to excel at that. In addition, one of our future plans is to definitely contribute in developing centers of excellence, and research and development in different fields especially Assisted Reproductive Technology.