Women and Insurance,  “Time to bridge the Gap in UAE”

Dubai- UAE: Policybazaar.ae thought to protect our protectors and shed some light on Why should Women invest in Insurance?

1. To be prepared for any unforeseen event, it is essential that women protect their families financially by getting life insurance plans.

2. Even if you are single women, getting yourself insured is the best thing to do. A term plan is a great option for a single woman. This is because, for a lower premium she gets the same term insurance benefits.

3.Homemakers make a huge difference. Buying a life insurance policy ensures all the financial costs are taken care of in the absence of the woman of the house.

4.To enjoy her golden years women need to invest in a whole life insurance plan, which will ensure she reaps the benefits of the financial backup she has created for herself in her retirement years.

5.Unfortunately, if a women passes away a life insurance policy comes into play. The financial backing she leaves behind will ensure that all the expenses after her are well met.

Insurance for Women’s Healthcare in the United Arab Emirates

  • Dubai Health Authorities (DHA), as part of UAE 2021 vision and in alignment with Dubai Standards of Care has launched a Cancer Patient Support Program (Cancer PSP) having an objective to reduce cancer mortality among Women in Dubai by the year 2021.
  • Payment for screening and follow up of breast cancer/ cervical cancer/ Colorectal Cancer: Eligibility for reimbursement under the Health Insurance Scheme must be in Accordance, with local insurance laws for each Emirate.
  • Also, In Abu Dhabi, it is mandatory that your company provide health insurance for you and your dependents. Dependents include one spouse and up to three children under the age of 18. Health insurance coverage for a fourth child is the responsibility of the employee.
  • Considering the high cost of pregnancy and childbirth, health insurance plans with maternity benefit are a must for all the women who are planning to be mothers.
  • An infertility cover or add-on with the health insurance can help would be mothers in UAE go in for infertility treatments without much burden on their pockets.

So, this International Women’s Day,  it is a great time for women in UAE to buy an insurance for themselves and  make their future more safe and secure.