Emerson Launches a Complete Suite ofDigital Solutions for Operators Monitoring Corrosion and Erosion

Operators can drive plants to their maximum capability and avoid costly incidents with a fully integrated corrosion and erosion monitoring suite of software and service solutions

March 9, 2021– Emerson introduces a complete corrosion and erosion monitoring portfolio with digital capabilities and full integrationwith the Plantweb™ digital ecosystem through the new Rosemount™4390 series of corrosion and erosion wireless transmittersand Plantweb Insight Non-Intrusive Corrosion application. The monitoring portfolio turns existing offline corrosion probes into online tools to monitor for the risk of corrosion or erosion in oil and gas processing. Combined with Emerson’s class-leading range of non-intrusive Rosemount Wireless Permasensesensors for monitoring metal thickness, which is a major factor in determining the health of piping and other fixed equipment, Emerson now offers a comprehensive solution to monitor both the risk of corrosion or erosion, and the impact of that risk on the health of the plant or asset.

The new Plantweb InsightNon-Intrusive Corrosionapplicationfor non-intrusive corrosion monitoring complements the existing suite of Plantweb Insight applications, enabling comprehensive corrosion and erosion analysis at the end-user’s desk.

When instrumented with inline probes, changes in corrosion risk can be detected in minutes, enabling sites to take corrective actions before damage occurs. The Rosemount 4390 series of corrosion and erosion transmitters leverage WirelessHART® for reliable and robust data retrievaland work withEmerson’s inline probes that measure the corrosive and erosive nature of the fluid and provide early risk detection for a site. The Plantweb Insight Corrosion applications allow users to access and analyze data from pipe thickness monitoring sensorsand inline probes at their deskand gain real-time advanced analytics to assess the risk and impact of corrosion or erosion on the asset or plant.

“Launching these products augments Emerson’sexisting corrosion and erosion monitoring capability within our Plantweb ecosystem. Wireless data retrievalenables cost-effective deployment at-scale, class-leading data visualization and analysis software, and connected servicesfor our clients to fully monitor their corrosion and erosion challenges to drive maximum capability and profitability in their plant assets,”said Jake Davies, global product director for Emerson’s corrosion business.

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