Yeganeh Khosravimanesh exhibited yesterday on 7 March at Dubai International Financial Center at Gate Avenue at Anyahh Art Gallery. The ”Girl’s best friend” exhibition showcased the unique Jewellery art design.

As a young artist, she is very talented. ”We are very proud to have her part of our Sakoo Art School”, said the President of the school, Narges Soleimanzadeh. The exhibition had a successful opening last night. Artissima Art Agency and the curator Aurela Cuku, organized the Art exhibition.

Assisting in the cutting of the ribbon, Humaid Nasser Al Nuaimi, Sultan Al Khetbi, Dr Mohammed Mehdi, Dr Antoine Kozah, Nada Al Hashimi and Denald Cuku. ”This is all my effort trying to express the beauty of the jewellery. The beauty of the coexistence between humans and nature”, said Yeganeh. The exhibition will run until 11 March 2021. Supported by Al Mada Marketing Managment.