Dubai, March 2021

Change the way you think about vitamins with rite.

** rite. is the first brand that specialises in plant-based vitamins in the UAE**

We all want to be healthy, now more than ever and luckily many of us have already started making better health-conscious decisions such as consuming plant-based products and switching to natural alternatives in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. That being said, food on its own is not always sufficient to provide the body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs. Thus, it’s extremely important to incorporate reliable health supplements in your daily routine in order to strengthen the foundation to your health and body.

If you’re not a big fan of conventional supplements that come in the form of pills, powders or tablets – then you’ll be thrilled to know that rite. has just launched its delicious gummy vitamins, designed to boost energy immunity andpromote a healthy digestion – better still, it’s 100% vegan!

rite. is the solution to all recurring problems such as lack of energy, poor sleep, weight control, hair loss and stress. They provide the perfect balance between efficiency, quality and taste using the most premium and healthy ingredients for your wellbeing. The reason rite. is different from other supplements in the market is its clean formulas, made from plant-based ingredients which ensures real and safe results, as well as filling any nutritious gaps in your diet. The gummies are made with fruit pectin, a natural fibre found in plant cell walls and are the most concentrated in the skin of fruits, providing the most natural flavours.

Whether you’re a busy parent, student, athlete, outdoor explorer, traveller, dieter… whoever you are, rite. is here to elevate your everyday. 

Here is rte.’s current range of gummy vitamin supplements:

ENERGY – Multivitamin Daily Booster

It will help to fight fatigue, boost energy and support your immune system. It is made with plant extracts such as Ginseng, Guarana, Acerola combined with Vitamin C, B-Vitamins, L-Arginine and amino acids. For best results it is advised to have two gummies after your breakfast.

SLIM– Healthy Digestion for Daily Balance

This will ensure a healthy digestion and curb your food cravings and support weight management. It is made with Probiotics, botanical extracts such as Artichoke, Fennel, Pineapple stem, Cola seed and L-Carnitine an amino acid. It is advised to have 2 gummies after your lunch or in the afternoon as a guilt free snack!

You can order 1-month supply (139 AED),2-month supply (250 AED) or 3-monthsupply (355 AED) with free shipping all over the UAE in 48 hours.

Get your rite.!

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About rite.: a new brand that specialises in cleangummy vitamins for adults. The concept was developed in Dubaiby two friendsGuillaume and Sebastien, then developed alongside pharmacist and nutritionist experts in a certified laboratory in France. The delicious vitamin gummies are 100% vegan, made with fruit pectin, natural flavours and reduced in sugar. The mission of the brand is to change the way we think about vitamins and make having our daily vitamins a fun, delicious and healthy experience.