The finale of Future Factories Summit MENA 2021

Future Factories Summit MENA 2021 concluded yesterday. The finale of the two-day virtual conference Future Factories Summit MENA 2021 opened with a session by Nancy W. Gleason, the Director, Hilary Ballon Center for Teaching and Learning Associate, Professor of Practice, Political Science, at NYU Abu Dhabi about ‘The Future of Industry 4.0 In The Post COVID-19 Paradigm’. It was then followed by several discussions and presentations ontopics like “Digital Transformation – The Manufacturing Metamorphosis”, “The Value Of A Supply Chain Contingency Plan”, “Shaping The Future Of Collaborative Application”, “What Will Be The Risk To Your Business If You Resist In Investing In Digital Manufacturing Solutions” and “The Future Of Operational Excellence In The Era Of Digital Innovation” which was covered in depth by the manufacturing professionals and experts.

One of the key takeaways during Dr. Nancy W. Gleason’s speech at the Future Factories Summit MENA 2021 organised by a Dubai based event organizer Verve Management, was that manufacturing industries needs to collaborate with government and universities to upgrade and achieve best results for adaption of industry 4.0. During the CIO panel discussion, the Principal Solution Engineer from Epicor, Sridhar Rajagopal shared his insights on how it would take a minimum of 3-4 years for the total digital revolution in the manufacturing industry.

Luc Roesems from Samsonite believes that industry 4.0 is only the enabler but not the tool to achieve operational excellence at the organization during his participation as a panelist at ‘The Future Of Operational Excellence In The Era Of Digital Innovation’. Revenue Silos, Cost Silos and Control Silos are the three important factors to achieve the best collaborative application said Vikram Kumar from OnRobot whilst his session.

Raahil Burhaani, the Chief Information Officer, Essar Oil (UK) Limited quotes that, “Delay in digitalization is only because of the gap from concepts to execution”.He also puts forth his opinion regarding the focus of organizations on customer centric solutions to which he adds thatonly digitalization can help organizations achieve best customer satisfaction which was agreed by two other panelists, Sanker Chellam and Dr. Nancy. Dr. Nancy also stated that universities can help fill training gaps and help organizations to adapt to digitalization at the earliest possible.

Delay in investments in digitalization will cost the organization in long-term running and they won’t be able to keep up with the market said Martyn Gill, the EMEA Business Development Directorfrom Lighthouse systems.Nimbhorkar, the Chief Operating Officer, Dolphin Manufacturing LLC clarifies that digitalization is not threat to employment, but it gives more opportunity to upskill yourself to current day scenario. The Group Chief Information Officer, Riyadh Cables Group Company,Yaser Al Jughaiman claims thatautomation is the key to secure data and adapting to integration of new cloud product can help organizations to be more secure during these pandemic times. The two-day summit ended yesterday at 5:00pm with the total of more than 350 attendees.

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