Valiant Clinic and Hospital ramps up expansionin 2021 to benefit key specialties under Centre of Excellence

March 27, 2021 –Valiant Clinic and Hospital announced that it has increased the number of health services in key specialties offered by its Centre of Excellence. The expansion program forms part of its ambitious targets for 2021 to ensure that boththe clinic and hospital are equipped with the best-in-class facilities and services and offer a complete range of treatments provided by leading doctors and physicians who have established medical experience and practice in Dubai.

Three Centres of Excellence, namely the Orthopedic Surgery, Spine Surgery, and Physiotherapy are expanding with new facilities and medical services. Furthermore, the Endocrinology Centre of Excellence is adding podiatry services for diabetic foot patients.

Patients can also benefit from the range of multidisciplinary services that are being integrated into the endocrinology centre to provide them with same-day access to expert opinion by other physicians.In terms of weight related issues, a Multidisciplinary Weight Management Program has been designed to offer a 360-degree patient care approach for weight loss, including treatment and surgery options.

Dr.MartainLoonen, Medical Doctor and General Managerof Valiant Clinic and Hospital, said: “Valiant Clinic and Hospital continues to win the respect and attention of some of the finest international surgeons in Dubai who operate in our facility. With this, we are even more inspired to serve our patients in 2021 with upgraded facilities and services in line with our mission to provide ethical care and key services that are highly trusted by our patients.”

The hospital announced that it is soon to open a dedicated Urgent Care facility which can accommodate patients outside normal working hours for visitors of City Walk and residents of nearby communities.

“We continue to leverage a state-of-the-art healthcare environment in a strategic location and modern setting to enable patients to experience luxurious care throughout their recovery,” Loonen added.

Some of Valiant Clinic and Hospital’s premium services come in special price packages to offer visitors with the ideal consultation, treatment services, and the finest medical equipment to help them improve their health and lifestyle.

The hospital is further expanding its offerings in aviation medicine practice with new certified medical aviation professionals practicing in various specialties. Moreover, it is also continuously seeking collaborations with prestigious international healthcare institutions. Recently, Valiant Clinic and Hospital partnered with the German Heart Center in Dubai to provide cardiology and cardiac imaging services within its facility.

Valiant Clinic and Hospital also offers several health packages for essential health check-ups, osteoporosis and bone health screening, neurology consultation, and platelet-rich plasma sessions, which enable patients to benefit from optimum care in a luxurious setting.

With these latest developments, Valiant Clinic and Hospital is poised to support Dubai’s healthcare efforts to provide visitors that come to Dubai fromall around the world with diagnostic and wellness facilities that meet their distinct taste for luxury and convenience while giving the experience of a home care environment. The hospital is known for its evidence-based healthcare system which follows the highest international standards of ethics and quality.