Monitor Health and Fitness with Premium Features on HONOR WatchGS PRO

HONOR Wearable Brings Advanced Wellness Management to Active Lifestyles

DUBAI, UAE, 30 MARCH – HONOR has witnessed immense growth in the wearables sector,keeping up with the ever-changing needs of its consumers.  Whether that is taking adventures to greater heights or helping users achieve fitness goals, HONOR’s sophisticated and stylish smartwatches deliver exceptional functionality to end-users. With its latest wearable, the HONOR Watch GS PRO, athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike are able to integrate technology and innovation seamlessly to monitor all aspects of health and wellness.

Understanding Blood Oxygen Levels

Apart from the heart rate, athletes and fitness professionals are advised to pay close attention to the blood oxygen levels. Powering the SpO2 monitor, the HONOR Watch GS Pro accesses how the body is absorbing oxygen by tracking blood oxygen saturation level during practice. If the blood oxygen levels are below 89%, it is a sign that users need to reduce the exercise intensity. 

Eliminating Stress from Practice

Athletes who persist at achieving their goal, demonstrate a strong desire for success. Hence, putting pressure on themselves and impacting their athletic performance without recognizing it.Thanks to HUAWEI TruRelax™ technology, the HONOR Watch GS Pro can analyze the heart rate trends to indicate when a user is getting stressed.  It helps to acknowledge the stress level and reminds you to ease your body and mind of anxiety.

Better Recovery for Greater Performance

A night of good and relaxing sleep is important after a long day of practice. It can provide energy to the brain and body, optimizing athletic performance and speeding up the physical recovery. In a contrary manner, sleep deprivation decreases the levels of focus, enthusiasm, and energy.Coupled with the HUAWEI TruSleep™2.0, HONOR Watch GS Pro diagnoses six common types of sleep disorders and provide over 200 corresponding suggestions, for example meditation and power nap, tailored to user sleeping habits. It helps to achieve better sleep quality and recharge athletes mentally and physically. 

The HONOR Watch GS Pro offers an endurable smartwatch that can cater tothe urban adventurer’s enthusiasm for professional and comprehensive health and fitness tracking. For more information on HONOR wearables visit:

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