BFL Group launches “Be the Helping Hand” Ramadan campaign to support Dar Al Ber Society’s mission 

In line with its commitment to making positive impact on the community 

BFL Group launches “Be the Helping Hand” Ramadan campaign to support Dar Al Ber Society’s mission 

20April 2021 – BFL (Brands For Less) Group has announced the launch ofthe ‘Be the Helping Hand’campaign during the holy month of Ramadan, aimed at supporting Dar Al Ber Society in its noble mission, and in line with the group’scorporate social responsibility and humanitarian commitment.

As part of the campaign, the group will provide and facilitate the collection of in-kind and cash donations for Dar Al Ber Society. In addition to the customer’s donations, the group will also allocate a share of its sales revenues to support people who are in need, in accordance with the giving, tolerance and philanthropy values of the Emirati society.

Further, BFL Group will implement the campaign in two ways.The first one includes collecting donations through itsshops in the UAE and on its e-commerce platform. These contributions will be used by Dar Al Ber’s Iftar campaign where AED 10 is equivalent to sponsoring one Iftar meal.

The second aspect of the campaign encourages customers to donate clothes and toys in all BFLGroup’s outlets, as part of its efforts to provide Eid clothing to orphans and families in need. In addition to the fundraising, the off-price retailer will also allocate a share of its revenues to support Dar Al Ber Society. 

Toufic Kreidieh, Founding Partner and CEO of BFL Group, said: “Inspired by the spirit of giving and philanthropy which marks the Holy Month, the Ramadan campaign comes as part of the group’s commitment to support charitable work and humanitarian efforts. We are honoured to collaborate with Dar Al Ber Society, an entity that we highly respect and commend for its vital role in charitable and humanitarian works. Through BFL Group, we aim to continue our commitment to making positive impact in the communities where we operate in line with our core values, and we look forward to continuously encouraging and enabling our customers to extend a helping hand to the unfortunate and put a smile on everyone’s face, particularly children during the month of giving.”

Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber Society, reaffirmed the importance of fostering national partnerships between government and private entities as well as the civil society organizations, to serve the public interest, enhance social cohesion, and support those in need.

Al Muhairi commended the group’s campaign as it helps people with limited incomes, strengthens solidarity in the UAE, and promotes CSR commitment among the business community.   

All BFL Group’s branches and outlets, including Brands For Less, Homes For Less, Toys For Less, Muy Mucho and Tchibo will take part in the fundraising and donating of clothes and toys in favour of Dar Al Ber Society.   


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