Valiant Clinic & Hospital introduces new, exclusive healthcare services tailored to enhancesocial welfare

Valiant Clinic & Hospital introduces new, exclusive healthcare services tailored to enhancesocial welfare

New services address healthy fasting, stress management&women psychology

20April, 2021 –Reflecting its commitment towards enhancing the welfare and wellbeing of the community, Valiant Clinic & Hospital – the multi-specialty boutique hospital offering world-class diagnostic and wellness services– announced the introduction of new services and packages designed to address individual needs and health issues during the holy month of Ramadan.The latest offerings address people’s need to stay healthy while fasting, in addition to stress management, post-COVID wellness assessment,women psychology and health needs.

Apart from being an essential ritual, Ramadan is an excellent time to address conditions related to one’s body being overweight. This is because the fasting schedule helps insulin sensitivity improvement and blood glucose regulation, while also ensuring lower inflammation levels and enhanced healing; improved hunger and digestion; and increased autophagy and cellular renewal and regeneration.Taking these scientific facts into consideration, Valiant Clinic and Hospital offersguidance sessions on fasting, to help patients kick start a healthier lifestyle during this month.

In addition, Valiant Clinic and Hospitalhas introduced a continuum of multidisciplinary care featuring advanced diagnostic technology, latest wellness procedures, techniques and state of the art practices to address the rising demand for a holistic approach towards women’s well-being. Keeping pace with these developments, women’s psychology and health programs introduced by Valiant cater to various age groups and include packages on puberty wellness, postpartum depression wellness and menopause wellness and comprise expert visits, extended checkups.

Furthermore, the newly launched stress management and burnout prevention program is designed to enhance self-awareness among community members and addresses all aspects of mental health. The program includes consultation with family medicine specialists, psychologist and dietician.

Dr. Rupinder Ruprai, Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology, Valiant Clinic & Hospital, said: “It is a known fact that women have a completely different set of physical or psychological healthcare needs.That too, these needs are diverse and are specific to various age groups. Our programs are thoughtfully tailored to cater to individual needs and health issues of womenbelonging to different age groups, with the help of board-certified medical professionalscapable of offering guidance and care required to live a quality life.”

AahatSajnani, Clinical Dietician,Valiant Clinic & Hospital, said: “Dietary interventions help reduce body weight and fasting during Ramadanhas multiple benefits as it restricts the time of eating and caloric restriction leading to reduction infat mass and visceral fat while retaining mass. However, following the right technique is necessary to reap all the benefits of fasting for a healthy body and mind. Therefore, our packages have been designed to provide impactful guidance and improve the overall health management of patients.”

Dr. Monica Mendes, Psychologist, Valiant Clinic & Hospital, said: “We believe thatmental health should not just be limited to discussions but needs effectives solutions in the form of actions. Our Stress Management and Burnout Prevention Program focuses on certain concepts and techniques which emphasison developing one’s self-awareness, peace and contentment with life.”

Valiant Clinic and Hospital had launched a post-COVID wellness assessment package to ensure the health and wellbeing of the patients who recover from COVID-19 infections in the UAE. The package includes comprehensive consultation that includesphysical examination, CBC, CRP, chest X-ray, among others. In addition, post-COVID assessments with discounted packages are also available for non-insured patients.The package includes consultations and treatments from seven departments, during which a specialized team of staff outlines a recovery plan that works for individuals based on their choices and lifestyles.

Equipped with a world-class team of specialists, Valiant is committed to raising industry standards through its approach to healthcare. By capitalizing on rapid advancements in healthcare, Valiant Clinic and Hospital strives to make a difference in the society and help people live a better and healthier life.With a modern and luxury facility in Dubai, it leads patients through their health and wellness journeys by offering care packages supported by advanced health technology.


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