SCRF Poetry Knightcompetition accepting applicationsuntil May 6

SCRF Poetry Knightcompetition accepting applicationsuntil May 6

Poetry competition will be held on the sidelines of the 12thannual Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

For immediate release

Sharjah, April 22, 2021

SharjahChildren’s Reading Festival, organised by the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA), has announced that it will continue accepting applications for ‘Poetry Knight’, a poetry recitation competition dedicated to young Arab talentsuntil May 6 through the link

Organisers will contact accepted submissions directly and the competition will be held before an expert jury. The competition aims to nurture a new generation of poetry enthusiasts and encourage youngtalents to harness their recitation and public performance skills. First, second, and thirdplace winners of Poetry Knight will receive AED 3,000, AED2,000 and AED1,000, respectively.

Participation is open in threecategories. A category each will be dedicated to students in grades1 – 4,
5 – 8, and 9– 12. Schools can nominate up to three students per category, help them memorise poemsselected for each category by competition organisers, and polish their recitation skills for the competition.

Khoula Al Mujaini, General Coordinator of SCRF, said: “This competition is part of SCRF’s strategy to instila love of Arabic language in young generations and familiarise them with the poetry traditions in our culture, which we believe will help them know their roots and develop a sense of belonging to their region and literary legacy.”

“SCRF is designed to advance the skillsets of children and youthby igniting their imagination and providing them with exciting opportunities to discover new art forms. This furthers SBA’s goals to put young talents on the path of creativity, which is essential for their development. We hope Poetry Knight achieves its goal of unearthing young poets capable of enriching the Arab cultural scene,” she added.

Precautionary measures during the 12thedition of SCRF, which runs under the theme ‘For your imagination’ from May 19 – 29 at Expo Centre Sharjah, includes a daily sanitisation drive throughout the venue’s halls and common areas, as well as thermal scanning at all access points, and placement of hand sanitiserstations across the venue. In addition, precautionary practices such as face masks and social distancing will be mandatory throughout the 11-day event.


About SCRF

The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival is one of the most important cultural events dedicated to children and youth in the UAE and the Arab region. It seeks to promote a culture of reading and a passion to acquire knowledge in successive generations. Over the years, the festival has developed into an integrated cultural platform and social hub that allows visitors to meet their favourite writers and experts, and broaden their intellectual horizons with a variety of literary, cultural, scientific and historical discussions and resources.

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