Frontline workers get free disinfection service in the first month of launch


Danube Home, the region’s number one destination for all home interior and exterior needs are now venturing into specialized cleaning &sanitization services like mattress cleaning, AC duct cleaning, disinfection services, and mold remediation.

“Proper hygiene and sanitization of homes to keep germs away has become the need of the hour due to the ongoing pandemic. Homes are where one should feel safest. However, that is not always the case. Due to common air flow systems in residential buildings and commercial establishments, and dust and other impurities rushing in through vents or open windows and doors, pollution indoors is roughly 2-5 times more than outdoors causing several respiratory and other health issues in people. Danube Home Services was bornto tackle this issue in the region.With Danube Home Services, we aim to provide the best, most efficient services by certified professionals, using the latest technology, and eco-friendly products, at pocket-friendly prices for all residential and commercial establishments. From providing everything a home needs through Danube Home, now we’ll be providing everything to keep residents safe and healthy at home too with Danube Home Services,” said Adel Sajan, Danube Group Managing Director.

The GCC region has seen the most cases of respiratory issues due to prolonged exposure to indoor air pollutants. The prevalence of asthma in the UAE is 8% in the adult population and 12% – 13% among children. Extreme weather conditions such as high temperature and humidity during summer months assist in trapping pollutants within the atmosphere. Sand Storms and Dust make their way into homes along with other pollutants &allergens such as broken fibers, pet dander, VOCs etc. These pollutants start to settle down in HVAC system, mattresses, and upholstered furniture lowering Indoor Air Quality by raising level of Allergens. Dirty HVAC coils lowers the overall efficiency of the system raising power consumption and utility bills while, dirty ducts are the perfect substrate for the molds to grow which can cause severe health issues if left unattended. Common AC Ducts and lack of natural ventilation also cause cross contaminationmakingthe air stale and stagnant thus causing allergic reactions, discomfort and other health concerns. Common symptoms due to poor indoor air quality and presence of allergens are sneezing, coughing, runny nose, headaches, and for sensitive groups these allergens can trigger allergic reactions worsening asthma and allergies.

To increase IAQ awareness and tackle this issue, Danube Home has experts who can help reduce allergens in homes or offices by thoroughly cleaning the AC Ducts and providing disinfection services. Routine cleaning of the AC ducts and disinfection can go a long way in curbing health problems associated with indoor air pollution. Mattress cleaning and mold remediation are also services that better the health of those opting for it.

“Danube Home Services are carried out by a team of experts using the best in class equipment imported from Spain, Italy, and Australia. Keeping with COVID safety measures, all our technicians are vaccinated and follow all the safety protocols laid down by the Dubai Health Authority. As a brand, we are focused on eco-friendly and sustainable solutions and therefore use only green products and natural disinfectants that are kind to the environment and do not cause any harm to people.” Said Sayed Habib, Director – Business Development, Danube Home.

As a thank you for all the brave work Doctors and Nurses have been providing and continue to provide during this pandemic, Danube Home Services is offering free disinfection service exclusively for them, for the first month. To avail the service, simply Call or WhatsApp Danube Home Services customer happinesscenter at800 3132, submit your details and share us a copy of your employee id.

Danube Home Services is also offering up to 50% introductory discount on the first booking to everyone as part of the launch. To book a service, call Danube Home Services on 800 3132/ 054 9917770 or Scan QR Code for WhatsApp

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