Emirates Pride Perfumes Unveils the New Collection “Eid Collection”

Emirates Pride Perfumes Unveils the New Collection “Eid Collection”

We imagine vividly in the deep pockets of our minds, especially when the flurries of the pandemic have sanctioned us from the ability to play, love, and explore.

We have locked ourselves in the citadel of our homes, balancing the waves of the challenges of each day.

Eid Collection is represented in three new fragrances, will bring forgotten memories to life again, through strong, deep, and warm scents.

Capturing a sense of hope, optimism, and positive energy

Peaceful Life, The first perfume in the Collection.

It is time to rest, breath, relax and think optimistically towards a new future.

Our perfume appears to glow; it is for those who seek the harmonious balance of life. It brings a calming and appreciation to all that life has offered us and provides welcome relief from a turbulent 2020.

From the Flowering plants of Frangipani and Osmanthus that blend very well together at the top and heart of the fragrance. The mesmerizing oriental scent of Musk settles as the base note giving the fragrance a peaceful characteristic that, help ease all the pressure the world put on us. In other words, every time you spritz, you are also calming your mind.

Midnight Glow, The second perfume in the Collection.

Inspired by the ebbs and flows of tides and seasons, this deep salving theme lifted from the dark, quiet places of the Natural World “Midnight Glow” was invested.

It is serene and imaginative, by swaying more towards its ingredients;it offers a joyful top, made of juicy bergamot, and the warmth of the Cedarwood and Pride wood and the depth of Ambergris.

It’s a healing Salve after a turbulent year.In our perfume explore the dynamism and depth, inner security, letting go of ties through connecting with family and remembering precious moments, confidence and tranquility above everything else.

Golden Chance, The third perfume in the Collection

An unexpected and irrepressible spark blazes into extra ordinary love, finds the deepest spiritual qualities and exhibits it.

It portrays Compassionate and Elegant, but also Optimistic and Enchanting person.

‘Golden Chance’is flooded by the sun through a warm floral bouquet made of royal lily and Vanilla that lends perfectly with amber and Oud to create a magnetic sensation and leave an unforgettable silage, one of those you can’t resist.

Its energy will guide the stabilized emotions and continuously remind people why life is the most precious thing.It’s a reminder that you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.It definitely can cast the most compelling empowerment spell to all people around.

You can check all Emirates Pride fragrances at https://shop.emiratespride.ae/

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About Emirates Pride:

Emirates Pride Perfumes was established in 2011 with the vision of becoming the most distinguished perfume company in the Middle East. It started its journey with a single store in Dubai and now the brand has more than 15 branches across the UAE. Today, they have more than 45 products under their name and a reputation for being a distinguished Emirati perfume company. They also produce a very superior selection of Dokhoons, Oud, and oil fragrances made from the finest raw materials from around the globe.

For more information, please visithttps://shop.emiratespride.ae/

Emirates Pride Social Media:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emiratesprideperfumes/

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