Giovanni Bozzetti’s book Emirati: Nulla É Impossibile is a glowing testimonial for the UAE as a powerhouse for global businesses

The book is an excellent guide for business professionals, tourists and general readers to understand the UAE beyond the myths and stereotypes

Sharjah, April 27, 2021

Having achieved immense success as an expatriate living and working in the UAE for 10 years, Professor Giovanni Bozzetti, a celebrated Italian entrepreneur, educator, manager, author and community worker, has recently published Emirati: Nulla É Impossibile (United Arab Emirates: Nothing is impossible), to share with both the Italian and global business and investor communities an in-depth insight into the UAE’s 50-year journey in shaping the nation as a global powerhouse for commerce and innovation. 

In the 304-page book written in Italian, Professor Bozzetti attempts to deconstruct and demystify the UAE’s success story for the world by lending readers a better understanding of the unique social, political and cultural factors at play, which enabled the nation to build an unrivalled repertoire of sustainable development and leadership across sectors. 

Starting with the two globally-anticipated events of Expo 2020 Dubai and the UAE turning 50, the book turns the spotlight on how the nation is model for future societies built on Emirati identity and heritage.

Professor Bozzetti, widely regarded as one of the fundamental pillars in the consolidation of the business relationship and communities between the UAE and Italy, said: “The United Arab Emirates is well on its way to emerging as the new centre of world business. Many talk about it, but not everyone knows about what’s gone into creating and sustaining this extraordinary success. The nation has a unique story to tell; for 50 years, it has served as the intersection of people, cultures, ideas, technologies and trade exchanges.”

He continued: “Today, UAE is a nation of almost 10 million people represented by more than 200 nationalities who are living a quality life, realising their many dreams and achieving the impossible. The UAE and Italy share a strong and ever-growing friendship, and I hope my work will contribute to strengthening the cooperation between our two peoples and their businesses.The UAE are nowadays the real center of the world, the place where to be for all the entrepreneurs”.

Attributing UAE’s continued success to a strong leadership and stable government, a progressive vision and a clear strategy for the future, and most importantly, people’s sense of belongingness and pride, the author lauded the nation’s recently revealed standing in the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking as the ninth most competitive nation in the world.

The book’s foreword has been contributed by His Excellency Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Former Minister of Economy. English translation plans for the book are underway. It is available for purchase at several bookstores as well as online on Amazon and the Mondadori Store.



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