Description of Egypt, on display at SBA’s‘Tales from the East’ exhibition, journeys into the heart of early 19th century Egypt

For immediate release

Sharjah, April 28, 2021

Decoratively numbered and embossed in gold, the Description of Egypt – a colossal 23-volume historic work that opens the portal to a pivotal era in the Arab world, is on view at the ‘Tales from the East’ exhibition organised by Sharjah Book Authority at its headquarters in Sharjah until Monday, May 3.

Completed during the French campaign led by Napoleon Bonaparte to Egypt between 1798-1801 AD, Description of Egypt is the most comprehensive work ever published, and is the fruit of a monumental collaboration between scholars, scientists, artists, and technicians including engravers.

Through its detailed cultural, geographic, anthropological information, and pictures of Egypt’s citizens, markets, mosques and squares, Description of Egypt takes visitors at the ‘Tales from the East’ exhibition on a journey into the heart of Egypt in the early 19thcentury.