A rich selection of plays and roaming shows part of all the fun and entertainment at the 12thSCRF

Sharjah Book Authority’s first original production among the offerings of the 11-day festival unveiling at the Sharjah Expo Centre on May 19

Sharjah, May 10, 2021

With a line-up of two plays and four roaming shows, the 12thedition of Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF), organized by Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) from May 19th–29th, at Sharjah Expo Centre, is going big with its efforts to showcase the wondrous world of live performancesto the festival’s young visitors. SBA’s first original stage production is among the festival’s offerings, and seeks to encourage the young generations to explore and learn more about the field of performing arts.

Theatre productions 

SBA’s production, Book ofDreams is a 90-minute play whose narrative is built around a young girl who participates in various competitions to win books to fill her library with quality books. On this journey, she gets her hands on the Book of Dreams, unlocking a world of knowledge, imagination, and great big adventures. The play’s cast includesHeba Al Duri, Mohamad Almusalam, Bader Alshiaibi, Nasser Abaas, Fahad Alsalah,Wadima Ahmed, Ahmed bin Hussein, and others, and will be staged thrice during the second weekend of SCRF 2021.

The show timings are as follows: May 27th, Thursday, 19:30 -21:00; May 28th, Friday, 19:30 -21:00; and May 29th, Saturday, 18:00-19:30. 

Titled Good Night, an exciting story that follows a young girl gifted in music on her artistic quest despite her mother’s resistance, the 90-minute stage production climaxes with this girl making a virtual encounter with a famous singer. Find out by booking yourself a seat at the play, which will be staged during the first weekend of SCRF 2021. 

The show timings are as follows: May 20th, Thursday, 19:30 -21:00; May 21st, Friday, 19:30 -21:00; and May 22nd, Saturday, 18:00-19:30. 

Tickets for both plays can be purchased via the following link: https://bit.ly/3txF9Wv

Roaming shows

Roaming shows, the perennial SCRF hit that fills the festival’s halls with music, dancing, colours and culture, as well as awe-inspiring acrobats by talented performers from around the world, are back for the festival’s 12th edition.

The first one titled Enchanted Flower Globe will be performed in a giant bubble ball housing a magical forest and its fairies. Big Names in History will be performed by statue-like silhouettes, who will take their audience on a unique journey of historical exploration featuring renowned figures whose accomplishments have shaped our world. A visual treat of skilled choreography accompanied by stunning costumes is in-store for SCRF visitors at the roaming show titled Color Fashion, followed by the Harry Potter-inspired Invisible Duo show, which will present jaw-dropping optical illusions with the moving ladders of Hogwarts and much more.

SCRF is one of the most important cultural events dedicated to children in the UAE and the region. It has gone beyond being a book exhibition and developed into an integrated event, that contributes to enriching the knowledge of visitors with science and literature and garners the participation of organizations and centers dedicated to children.