May 2021, UAE, Dubai:Jawhara Jewellery, award winning jewellery retailer in the GCC, was one of the earliest companies to be honored by the Department of Economic Development (DED) with the Consumer Friendly Companycertificate. The recent win reflects on the brand goodwill and Jawhara’s dedication to the consumer-friendly environment in Dubai.

Upon receiving the award, Mr. Tamjid Abdullah Deputy CEO of Jawhara Jewellery, said: “Consumer Friendly Company award is a great Government initiative to improve customer satisfaction levels and raise consumer confidence in Dubai’s retail offerings. It is an honor to receive the award and we strongly believe that our customers are the core of our business, and therefore delivering great customer service is part of our corporate value. We will continuously strive towards improving our processes and services to ensure the best experience for our customers.”

Launched by the Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP sector in Dubai Economy), the Consumer Friendly Company Award honors private sector businesses for their efforts in raising the bar on customer service standards. 

The assessment was the first-of-its-kind consumer-friendly standards conducted in the region.There are four evaluation criteria grouped under two themes – sustainability and competitiveness. The sustainability theme includes the strategy and communication criteria, while competitiveness covers customer care and development. Businesses are evaluated periodically for consumer-friendliness will support them in evolving strategic plans and channels for communicating with consumers. The results of the first evaluation provide an opportunity for businesses to elevate their consumer-friendliness across both themes.

Recently, Jawhara Jewellery was also recognized at the Retail Jewellers Award 2021 for the Best Mother’s Day Jewellery collection of the year.

Mr. Tamjid Abdullah, further added, “The team at Jawhara is excited, as we are receiving awards for our products and the services. This only helps in consumer confidence and instill their trust in our brand and our staff.”

For more details on the brand, please visit https://www.jawharajewellery.com/ or follow Jawhara Jewellery Facebook and Instagram channels for updates – @jawharajewellery.



Jawhara Jewellery® – Jewellers since 1907 with extensive knowledge and decades of jewellery business experience, Jawhara as an Emarati Jewellery company was born out of the notion that jewellery should resonate with the wearer’s innermost desires. Jawhara began with traditional and modern jewellery designs with unique beauty and quality. This belief is reflected in every creation of the brand, from the highly innovative, novel designs to the care and precision accorded to each place. Made for the modern young woman, Jawhara epitomizes the youth, while celebrating the different nuances of the region. All the collections are conceived, created and developed by a team of skilled in-house and international jewellers known for their exceptional craftsmanship.

Our designs are manufactured and responsibly sourced from the best international alliances located in Italy, Turkey, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India, Bahrain and Lebanon. Jawhara travels the world to offer unconventional, trendy and stylish jewellery that complements the youth as a leading jewellery wholesaler, retailer and manufacturer of 18k, 21k and 22k supported by a network of over 60 outlets in the region.