Young chefs reinvent Popeye’s favourite vegetable at Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2021

It was spinach crepe-making day at the SCRFCookery Corner, and the kids loved it!

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Sharjah, May 23, 2021

Syrian chef Badiya Khaireddein’sculinary workshopsat the 12thSharjah Children’s Reading Festival have been a huge hit with the kids as they get to enjoy the rare opportunity to make a mess in her kitchen, no questions asked!

“The dish I’ve picked to demonstrate might seem a bit unusual for my target audience, but I want to teach children how to make a healthy dish in a way that transforms spinach completely. Many kids don’t like to eat it in saladsand soups, so I thought why not give them the nutrition of spinach by incorporating it in a tasty crepe,” said Chef Badiya,whosecrepes are stuffed with a mouthwatering spinach, turkey and cheese filling,drizzled with oregano and olive oil.

As delicious looking bite-sized crepes are handed out to excited children,the chefinsists that they need to be allowed into the kitchen more often by their parents. “Usually, mothers are afraid when kids invade their territory. ‘Don’t go near the fire, keep away from the knife’ are the usual comments kids get in the kitchen, but it is our responsibility to teach them how to use kitchen equipment safely. We have to build their confidence”, shefurther adds.

A world-class line-up of celebrity chefs are turning up the heat at the SCRF 2021 Cookery Corner. Top culinary experts from Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Syria and Morocco are leading 20 exciting activities and each one is sharing their best recipes at the 11-day event. 

Strict Covid-19 protocols are in place at the 11- day Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival which runs until May 29 atExpo Centre Sharjah from 4–10pm daily, barring Saturdays, when the festival opens at 10am.